Sunday, April 7, 2013

RTA completes construction of internal roads at Al Qouz 4

RTA completes construction of internal roads at Al Qouz 4

Dubai - Roads & Transport Authority:
The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has completed the construction of Internal Roads of Al Qouz 4 Residential Area Project in the District 359; which is bordered by Al Waha Road to the North, Al Khail Road to the East, Latifa bin Hamdan Road to the South, and Al Asayel Road to the West.

Al Qouz Residential Area 4 Project comprises the construction of 8 km-long roads covering internal roads, roadside parking spaces, street lighting, road marking, light signals and traffic safety means in order to ensure the safety of road users (pedestrian traffic) through controlling the traffic movement and driving speed. Works completed also included rainwater drainage systems and the protection of the existing utility lines in the project area among others.

“By completing project works in Al Qouz 4 Residential Area Project, which started in May 2012, the RTA has provided a smooth and seamless traffic flow in the internal roads across the entire area and the smooth entry & exit of residents,” said Engineer Maitha bin Udai, CEO of RTA Traffic & Roads Agency.

“Al Qouz area is currently having several projects underway including R 911 Project at Al Qouz 2, which covers an area of 225 hectares in Area 355 comprising 3.7 km-long dual carriageway, 7 km-long two-way streets with roadside parking slots, 7 roundabouts, and street lighting works in addition to storm-water drainage and sewage networks.

“Al Qouz 3 is also experiencing the construction of 3.3 km-long one-way streets along with roadside parking spaces, and 5.3 km-long roads along with associated logistical services. These projects are part of roads network improvement policy in place tailored to cater to the rising urbanization and demographic growth rates in the Emirate of Dubai; which is a key strategic objective of the RTA,” said Maitha in a final remark.

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