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Cayan Tower photos , aka Infinity Tower , Dubai Marina, 20/April/2013

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Marina 101 Tower construction photos, Dubai Marina, 20/April/2013

RTA completes implementation of paid parking system in Dubai Internet City & Knowledge Village

RTA completes implementation of paid parking system in Dubai Internet City & Knowledge Village

New bus routes introduced, 500 extra car parks provided

Dubai - Roads and Transport Authority:
The Traffic and Roads Agency, Roads and Transport Authority, has finalized the implementation of the paid parking system in Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City and Dubai Knowledge Village. The system has been activated since April 13th, after it was successfully implemented on roadside parking slots in mid-January. Vehicle parking lots in this area will be classified as paid parking zones which are paid through commonly known methods, namely, coins, text messages, silver & blue Nol Cards, and prepaid cards, in addition to the reserved parking spaces designated for employees of TECOM Business Parks only, with a validity of 3 months, 6 months or 1 year.

Engineer Maitha bin Udai, CEO of RTA Traffic and Roads Agency, said, “Streamlining parking slots in this area aims to provide more effective solutions to cope with the growing traffic movement in place. This move will have a positive bearing on the business community in the area, as it will ease the traffic congestion at peak hours, and gives priority to company employees to reach their workplaces.” She stressed that the RTA would book traffic violators who use the reserved parking areas, adding that the seasonal cards issued for the public parking were not valid for use in the Free Zone area. “Parking slots have been provided in multi-level vehicle parking lots, where the ground and first floors are designated for hourly parking, while the upper levels are solely designated for permit holders,” she continued.

“The RTA and Tecom Investments are working hard on several initiatives that would streamline the parking lots in the Free Zone. Work is up and running to establish about 500 additional parking spaces in Tecom area,” said Maitha. She spoke about an increase in the number of public transport trips to the area since the April 2nd, besides the introduction of express transport routes starting from some vital sites in the Emirate of Dubai and directly outbound to Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City and Dubai Knowledge Village within Tecom Zone. “These routes cover Discovery Gardens, Ghubaiba Station, Deira, Satwa Station, in addition to introducing and increasing internal transit routes running from the metro stations adjacent to Tecom within the zone. The RTA is also working on increasing the number of air-conditioned bus stops, and a direct bus route was opened from Al Quoz area on April 1st.

“The RTA is making expeditious efforts to devise solutions that would effectively contribute to ensuring a smooth and seamless traffic flow in residential complexes and business communities to maintain Dubai's standing among top metropolis worldwide, and promote it as an attractive destination for tourism, investment, work and comfortable life,” concluded the CEO of Traffic and Roads Agency.

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RTA endorses cycling tracks construction Plan 2013-2016

RTA endorses cycling tracks construction Plan 2013-2016

The plan covers 52 km-long tracks in 11 districts

Al Tayer: RTA constructed 100 km-long cycling tracks, 1400 bike racks around metro stations

Dubai- Roads & Transport Authority – Mohammed Al Munji:
The Board of Directors of the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), chaired by H.E. Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of the RTA, has recently approved a plan to construct Cycling Tracks stretching 52 km across 11 residential districts in Dubai at a cost of about 40 million dirham.
“The construction of the cycling tracks is part of a master plan developed by the RTA to provide dedicated cycling spanning the entire Dubai Emirate in a bid to encourage the use of bikes as an environment-friendly transit means, as well as for the benefit of cycling enthusiasts. It also comes in implementation of RTA’s vision of Safe & Smooth Transport for All as the advanced countries are focusing on raising the proportion of pedestrian & cycling travels since they involve traffic, health and environmental benefits,” said Al Tayer.

He continued: “The Cycling Tracks Plan 2013-2016 covers Al Barsha, Al Khawaneej, Al Warqa, Al Qouz, Al Safouh Road, Al Mamzar Park, Mushrif Park, Hor Al Anz East, and Mirdif. The selection of these districts was based on a number of parameters including the tourist and aesthetic nature of the area and its attraction to cyclists and residents of the neighbourhood, serving the metro and public transport stations, serving residents and visitors of neighboring areas, suitability of the site & obstacles in place, traffic safety, and the appeal to pedestrians. The design of the track was tailored to ensure the security and safety of bikers.

“In 2008 the RTA developed a Cycling Master Plan that included charting routes for bikes within the rights-of-way as well as separate lanes. The Plan detailed the specifications & standards of separating cycling tracks from pedestrian pathways, and addressed the intersection points with cycling tracks, provision of biking racks in general and at the public transport stations in particular, cycling lanes in entertainment areas, materials to be used in the construction of cycling tracks, and the signage for bikes and tracks,” elaborated Al Tayer.

“Uner the Plan, the RTA has completed the construction of more than 100 km-long cycling tracks; including 25 km-long cycling lane in Jumeirah Road and about one km-long lane near Mall of the Emirates Station in addition to some tracks provided by other entities such as the cycling lanes at Al Mizher Park and Al Mamzar Park. Among the key cycling tracks constructed by the RTA in 2012 is a 75 km-long track at Seih Assalam, named Dubai Cycling Course. The first part of this Course stretches 18 km alongside Al Qudra Road North. The route of this lane starts from the first R/A after the interchange of the Emirates Road and stretches up to the R/A where Bab Al Shams Road intersects with Al Qudra Road to link with the second Course, thus ensures continuity for long-distance cycling enthusiasts. The second cycling loop stretches about 49 km, starting from the front of Bab Al Shams Hotel up to Al Qudra Road R/A, then turns southward alongside the road leading to Seih Assalam. The Course includes public utilities, and shops for hiring bikes, gears and accessories of this sport in addition to a fully equipped medical clinic,” he added.
“The RTA is currently constructing a 4.5 km-long track in central district of Bur Dubai, and has completed the designs of 4 tracks linking Jumeirah Road with 4 metro stations on the Sheikh Zayed Road and the construction will be undertaken as part of Miscellaneous Improvements Contract 2013. Additionally, the RTA has completed the construction of 1400 bike racks around the metro stations.

“As the RTA is keen on nurturing a pedestrian-friendly environment in an effort to promote the use of public transport means, particularly the Dubai Metro, it provided extensive paved spaces for pedestrians at the entry points of the metro stations, and safe crossing means at the intersections in the vicinity of the entrances to the metro stations, besides paving pedestrian paths along the roads leading to the metro stations spanning a 500 meter-long radius around the center of each station.

- Mattar Al Tayer
- Platform marking the start of the Cycling Course at Seih Assalam
- Lanes offer avenue for cycling enthusiasts

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Al Abbar: Mohammed bin Rashid’s vision, daring endeavours set the pace for those aspiring to take up leading positions

Reviewing his leadership model in RTA’s Knowledge Fair

Al Abbar: Mohammed bin Rashid’s vision, daring endeavours set the pace for those aspiring to take up leading positions

Dubai - Roads & Transport Authority – Mohammed Al Munji:
H.E. Mohammed Al Abbar, Chairman of Emaar Properties, commended the shrewd vision of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, and futuristic outlook coupled with the valiant knack of taking decisions and the ability to realize them, considering these attributes as the underlying factors of the prestigious standing enjoyed by Dubai worldwide.

A statement to this effect was made by Al Abbar in a lecture delivered in RTA Auditorium as part of the events of the Knowledge Fair held by the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) under the theme: Knowledge for All. He spoke about his model in leading entities, in the presence of H.E. Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of the RTA, and a host of CEOs, Directors and officials of the RTA.

“The ambitious vision of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum along with the firm commitment of HH to make diligent efforts till achieving the cherished objectives, regardless of the scale of challenges encountered, set a superb model for all those aspiring to hold leading positions. Despite our belief that making assiduous efforts is the only way of making success, our passion for our work is the main criterion of excellence,” he continued.

“The human resources of the UAE constitute the main stay of the knowledge economy. Therefore the commitment to refine the leadership skills of these cadres is of paramount importance in sustaining the growth drive in future. Our promising youth can fully avail their huge potentials through commitment to turn concepts into reality, continually challenge the recognized fixed standards, and devising their own techniques in implementation in order to raise the bar on the efficiency.
“The excellence standard established by the RTA and working cadres under the leadership of engineer Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of the RTA, is an example to be emulated by our ambitious youths. It succeeded in uplifting the mass transit sector, building a state-of-the-art roads & bridges network, and achieving unprecedented achievements worldwide. At the top of these achievements is the Dubai Metro project; which manifests the spirit of challenge and determination that characterize Dubai and make it a standout,” added Al Abbar.

The Chairman of Emaar Properties tackled some practices and circumstances encountered during his tenure as Director of the Economic Development Department, and said: “During a visit of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to the Department, HH visited the Customers Service Center and inquired about the reason for setting up glazed barriers between the employee and the customer, and accordingly HH directed to remove these barriers indicating that employees have to deal in a friendly manner with customers. The leadership of the Department went a step further and removed all doors of offices of executives in implementation of the open door policy. During the next visit of HH to the Department, HH chatted to H.E. General Dhahi Khalfan, Chief of the Dubai Police, saying: “The Department of the Economic Development has removed the doors of their offices, what will you do?”. Khalfan took no time, as usual, to say: “We will work standing on our feet to serve customers and process their transactions.”
Al Abbar said, "One of the reasons of Emaar development is the existence of state-owned competitive companies, which prompted us to redouble our efforts, maintain our development drive, focus on quality & customer care, and upgrade our human cadres so that Emaar can have a competitive edge in all projects undertaken."

"The reasons for the success of any organization depend on a set of factors, most notably is having in place a team work, prudent leadership, desire to work, learning from mistakes, and adapting to the changes and new developments, in addition to continuous learning and having exposure to all new developments in the field of work," he added.

Exhibition Tour
After that, His Excellency Mattar Al Tayer, ushered HE Mohammed Al Abbar on a tour around the Knowledge Fair, which have several pavilions highlighted by the RTA's projects stand which showcases the tasks, achievements and activities made by the Projects Management Office Team. The Knowledge Initiatives stand also showcased key knowledge initiatives already launched by the RTA. There were other corners for creativity, online services, educational books & educational games, general information quizzes, children, universities, and know your manager, in addition to events such as "Books and Offers" and "IQ Test, among other distinguished activities.

At the end of the tour, His Excellency Mohammed Al Abbar, Chairman of Emaar Properties, expressed his admiration of the idea and content of the Knowledge Fair organized by the RTA, which is viewed as a pioneering initiative reflecting the importance of sharing leaders' rich experience with the young promising generation and encouraging them to play a pivotal role in achieving UAE sustainable growth. "I am proud of my participation in the Knowledge Fair 2013, I offer my sincere thanks to the RTA for inviting me to speak in the leadership practices series," concluded Al Abbar.

• Mohammed Al Abbar delivering a speech
• Al Tayer amid the attendees
• Al Abbar and Al Tayer touring the Knowledge Fair

Capital investment in UAE infrastructure expected to soar to AED 480.7 billion by 2016

Capital investment in UAE infrastructure expected to soar to AED 480.7 billion by 2016

Sector to form 24.4% of country’s GDP

As the economy continues to build up steam in the region, riding on rising government spending on civil infrastructural projects, total capital invested in construction and infrastructure is set to increase dramatically.

According to research by Business Monitor International (BMI), total capital investment in construction and infrastructure in the UAE is set to reach AED 480.7 billion (US$ 131.7 bn) by 2016, a near doubling from the AED 284.4 bn ($ 77.4bn) invested in 2011. By 2016, the sector is expected to form 24.4% of the country’s GDP, underlining the importance in the overall development of the economy.*

The growing level of investment and interest in the rapidly expanding infrastructure sector is expected to impact favourably on the demand for fresh supplies of hardware, tools, building material and machinery, according to Epoc Messe Frankfurt, organiser of Hardware+Tools Middle East, the region’s only dedicated trade fair for tools, material and machinery.

“The creation of new infrastructure is vital for a country to meet the requirements of a growing economy and to cater to anticipated future needs,” said Ahmed Pauwels, CEO of Epoc Messe Frankfurt. “By showcasing a range of the latest offerings in tools, building supplies and machinery from international manufacturers right here in the UAE, and highlighting the latest industry trends, Hardware+Tools Middle East continues to play its part in the development of the regional industry,” he added.

Apart from the ongoing creation of a vast new transport infrastructure of roads, railway and new airport terminals, additionally plans are already in the pipeline for the construction of at least 12,500 houses as part of a massive government housing project according to the Business Monitor International Report.

As the Middle East’s only dedicated trade fair for hardware, tools, materials and machinery, Hardware+Tools Middle East 2013 is expected to attract participation from key players keen to harness the region’s potential.

Hardware+Tools Middle East 2013, which will be held at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre from June 11th to 13th, has four main focus areas, namely: Tools, Machinery, Materials and Hardware.
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