Thursday, May 30, 2013

RTA Launches New Public Bus Route, Changes Other Routes in Dubai

RTA Launches New Public Bus Route, Changes Other Routes in Dubai

To enhance the internal network and feed the Metro stations

Roads and Transport Authority – Nashwan Atta’ee

The Public Transport Agency of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced that it would be launching tomorrow Saturday the 1 June a new public bus route in the Emirate of Dubai, and will be making some amendments to other routes to enhance the public buses network to meet the growing demand for group transport services in general and public buses in particular.

Acting Director of Planning and Business Development at the Agency Essa Al Hashimi said that the new line, named (43) would move from the Gold Souq Station to reach Dubai Festival City through the road of the Al Marqabat Street and the Airport Terminal (1).

Meanwhile, the Agency will make amendments on three lines: Route (4), and it will not reach starting the aforementioned date to Festival City area and can use Route (44) instead, and amend the Route (22) to pass through the Deira City Center Station starting from the aforementioned date in addition to specified trips that reach Dubai Courts, and to amend the course of the Route (31), so it will not reach starting from the aforementioned date to Al Ghubaiba Station where Route (8) can be used instead.

“Starting First of June, we will be extending the courses of five other lines, namely, Route (44) to reach the Al Rashidiya Metro Station; Route (F46) to reach Dubai Investment Park (2), Route (64A) to pass through Dubai Festival City, Route (84) to pass through Tecom Residences Complex, and Route (F21) to pass through Al Nahda (2),” Al Hashimi added.

Director of the Agency’s Planning and Business Development stated that the Agency will cancel, starting the abovementioned date, three lines and replace them with four existing lines in addition to a new line.

The three lines to be canceled are: Route (48) and the replacement is the new Route No. (43), Route (F2) and will be replaced by three existing lines and these are (64A), (64), (4) and the Route (F16) will be canceled and replaced by the existing Route (F20).

Al Hashimi stressed the keenness of the RTA to expand and develop the public buses network and its tireless work to enhance it to become more integrated with the other means of public transport which includes the metro and the sea transport means represented by the Water Bus and Taxi in order to make them modern means and the ideal choice for transportation at the Emirate of Dubai.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Roads and Transport Authority Launches Upgraded e-Portal of GIS

Roads and Transport Authority Launches Upgraded e-Portal of GIS

Roads and Transport Authority – Manal Khalid

The Information Technology Department at the Corporate Technical Support Services Sector of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) organized an introductory workshop on the upgraded electronic portal of the Geographical Information System (GIS) that was recently launched by the Authority. The workshop was attended by many employees from different sectors, agencies and departments in order to be introduced to the features and functions of the new portal.

Director of the Information Technology at the Corporate Technical Support Services Sector Abdullah Al Bastaki, stated that the upgraded e-portal of the GIS is considered one of the outcomes of the Enterprise GIS Platform project, which aims at providing advanced tools in reviewing and analyzing data and in importing and exporting data mainly that the most advanced global pioneering technologies and software in the field of GIS have been used in developing the e-Portal at the Authority based on the elevated GIS Web Services and Asri Software.

“The upgraded portal permits the users to look through the different geographical data available at the RTA in addition to the air and updated satellite footage and allows us to conduct advanced search, inquiry and analysis of the geographical landmarks and to print maps, issue reports and edit data using the data editing over the web browser without using any specialized software,” Al Bastaki added.

He also pointed out that “this portal is featured for enabling users to import and export geographical information, providing measurement tools with dynamic units, importing coordinates and displaying them in the browser. Also, the portal provides highly developed tools in saving changes made by the users and opening them later on or sharing them with another user.”

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dubai Metro Transports 33.3 Million Commuters in the First Quarter of 2013

Dubai Metro Transports 33.3 Million Commuters in the First Quarter of 2013

Witnessing an increase in the number of commuters

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) – Manal Khalid

During the first quarter of 2013, Dubai Metro managed to achieve a significant increase in the number of its commuters compared to the same period last year; as the number of commuters of both Red and Green lines increased to around 33 million and 341 thousand and 95 since January throughout March 2013, this indicates the significance of the Metro to the whole society as the best used means of transportation.

Adnan Al Hammadi, Chief Executive Officer of the Rail Agency, RTA, Dubai, stated that this year witnessed an obvious growth in the number of the Metro’s commuters compared to the same period of last year, adding that “this is what we seek to achieve through our annual schemes by setting a diversified package of initiatives and activities that contribute in attracting all segments of society to use the Metro as the premier means of transportation as it’s featured to be secure, safe and luxurious at the same time.

“The 52-kilometer Red Line includes 29 stations, four of them are underground and 25 are elevated, meet the requirements of all individuals in their transportation in the main areas at the Emirate of Dubai,” he added.

According to Al Hammadi, the number of trips through the Metro in the first quarter of this year reached 26 thousand and 359, while the number reached 7 thousand and 941 trips through the Metro’s Green Line.

He also revealed that the Red Line transported in the first quarter 21 million and 803 thousand and 705 commuters.

Deira City Centre Station ranked on top in attracting around 1,643,115 commuters from January to March, followed by Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall station with 1,573,337 commuters, in the third rank came the Mall of the Emirates station with 1,437,421 commuters, and in fourth came Al Ittihad station with 1,392,419.

While regarding Dubai Metro’s Green Line, the CEO of the Rail Agency explained that the 22-kilometer Green Line that includes 18 stations 6 out of which are underground, transported 11,537,390 commuters in the first quarter of this year.

According to Al Hammadi, Al Fahidi station came first in the number of people transported which reached 1,372,303 commuters, followed by Baniyas Square Station with 1,345,248 commuters, Al Ghubaiba Station came third with 1,116,000 commuters and finally the Oud Maitha Station with 903,106 commuters.
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