Sunday, October 30, 2011

RTA transfers knowledge to Etihad Rail

RTA transfers knowledge to Etihad Rail

Roads and Transport Authority - Nashwan Atta'ee:
Ambitious firms and entities are always keen on using the expertise of other mega organizations which have extensive experience in accomplishing giant projects of paramount importance and strategic dimension over the long run in a bid to capitalize on their accumulated experiences and practices yielding positive results worthy of being shared by others.

Considering the substantial achievements and strategic initiatives undertaken by the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) in the Emirate of Dubai in the field of infrastructure, as evidenced by the wide network of streets, roads, tunnels and bridges to facilitate the travelling of motorists and users of RTA's mass transit modes spanning the Dubai Metro (Red and Green Lines), public buses, Water Bus, Water Taxi, and Ferry Dubai as well as other vital services associated with the public transport network in the Emirate, the Ethiad Rail in Abu Dhabi wasted no time to tap RTA's experience in rail design and construction which culminated in the launch of the Dubai Metro on 09/09/2009.
Adnan Al Hammadi, CEO of RTA's Rail Agency, stated that RTA is fully prepared to transfer its knowledge and practical experience to all governmental bodies and institutions overseeing the operation of public transport modes in the UAE as well as all countries in the region with the aim of cementing RTA's leading role in this aspect and articulating its commitment to support all entities seeking to establish broad, sound and safe public transport networks.

"In response to the directives of His Excellency the Chairman of the Board and Executive Director, we have taken practical steps to transfer knowledge to Etihad Rail staff by means of a program befitting the nature of joint work. We have recently staged workshops at RTA's premises for a number of Etihad Rail employees lasting through mid-December 2011 addressing various topics and technical issues of relevance to rail transport sector," said Al Hammadi.

"The first day of the workshop, which was kicked off on 20/10/2011, covered many topics including the organizational structure of RTA's Rail Agency, roles & responsibilities of the Agency's work team, and completed projects as well as the applicable procedures and policies among others.

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