Monday, August 27, 2012

RTA kicks off construction of 13 new pedestrian bridges

RTA kicks off construction of 13 new pedestrian bridges

The total number of footbridges is set to reach 105 by 2016

Roads & Transport Authority – Abdul Fattah Haidrah:
The total number of pedestrian bridges constructed in Dubai has soared to as much as 74 by the end of last year, and the number is set to hit 105 bridges by 2016 as part of efforts made to serve road users in different parts of Dubai.

Engineer Maitha bin Udai, Executive Director of the Traffic & Roads Agency, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), announced the start of construction works in 13 new footbridges out 31 bridges intended to be constructed by the Agency over the next 5 years, adding that RTA is making strenuous efforts to serve pedestrians in the surroundings of the metro stations in order to ensure smooth & safe public transit.
"The technical & engineering procedures taken by the Agency in pedestrians facilities are subjected to stringent traffic safety rules which are fully aligned with the best international practices & standards currently adopted for the safety of road users; which is why Dubai Emirate ranks higher than many other cities in the advanced world in terms of the infrastructure built for serving pedestrians," said Maitha.

"The RTA has opened two pedestrian bridges this year; the first one in Abu Baker Al Siddique Road, and the other in the Emirates Hills. During the past two years, RTA opened many other footbridges in Khalid bin Al Waleed, Al Mankhool, Bani Yas, Damascus, Al Rasheed, and Al Rabat Roads in addition to Abu Baker Al Siddique Road.
"Pedestrian bridges currently being constructed by the Agency span various districts of Dubai, including two bridges in Emirates Road; one near the Fruits & Vegetables Market and the other near workers accommodation at Al Awir. Other bridges are located in Al Mina, Sheikh Rashid, Umm Suqeim, Al Wuhaidah, Amman, Latifa bint Hamdan, Abu Baker Al Siddique and Al Khaleej Roads.

"The newly designed pedestrian bridges have a lot of features rendering them iconic landmarks of Dubai Emirate as they are fitted with modern electrical facilities featuring designs inspired by the traditional landmarks of the Emirate or depicting contemporary patterns of modern cities.

"The Traffic & Roads Agency is working in line with specific standards set for the design & construction of pedestrian bridges in Dubai roads such as commissioning of traffic studies that give due consideration to population density of the area, road speed, and service facilities on both roadsides. Solutions figured out by such studies are being translated into technical & traffic projects for pedestrian bridges, pedestrian crossings, or light signals.

"The efforts made by the Agency to curb pedestrian accidents are not restricted to technical procedures but are built on three core aspects i.e. engineering procedures, traffic safety standards, and awareness campaigns targeting community members, particularly students. The key problem facing traffic awareness champions is that considerable numbers of individuals, especially Asian workers, are unaware of traffic safety rules, thus the key challenge lies in educating them on the importance of using safe transit means such as pedestrian crossings, tunnels, and bridges in order to avoid run-over accidents. Therefore the RTA is always running awareness campaigns focusing on workers concentration areas such as Jebel Ali, Al Qouz and Sonapur.

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