Sunday, August 1, 2010

RTA completes improvement works of Mirdiff Bridge

RTA completes improvement works of Mirdiff Bridge

The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has recently completed all works of Mirdiff Interchange with the opening of all remaining works in the project which included the opening of a right traffic lane inbound from Abu Dhabi / Jebel Ali outbound to Mirdiff, a tunnel and upper roads, and a right traffic lane in the direction of Mirdiff City Center.

Engineer Maitha bin Udai, CEO of RTA Traffic & Roads Agency, highlighted some aspects of the project and said: “The project comprised converting the previous bridge, which was consisting of two lanes in the direction of Al Muhaisna and one lane in the direction of Mirdiff, into a high-capacity flyover comprising six lane in the direction of Mirdiff: three in the direction of Al Muhaisna and three in the direction of Al Rashidiya. It also comprised five lanes for traffic inbound from Al Muhaisna: three in the direction of Murdiff and two in the direction of Al Khawaneej, in addition to other lanes enabling turns from and to Al Khawaneej Road, and free right lanes in all directions of the signalized intersection. The project also included four traffic light signals; three at Algiers Road and one at Madinat Badr.

“The project contributes to easing traffic flow for road users at Mirdiff and Al Muhaisna; which witnessed remarkable urbanization & population growth over the last few years; a matter which warranted upgrading roads coming from and leading to those areas.

“The project entailed widening Al Khawaneej Road in a sector extending 3.4 km from three to four lanes, and widening Algiers Road in a sector extending 1.6 km from two to three lanes so as to eliminate the gridlock at the intersection. A connecting ramp has been constructed to enable free turn leftward to serve the traffic inbound from Al Khwaneej Road and outbound to Al Muhaisna, in addition to completing all works related to utility lines related to irrigation, sewage, lighting and traffic signage.

“The project comes under RTA plans to mitigate traffic congestion through undertaking a number of vital projects, improving roads, and providing services at residential areas in keeping with undergoing road widening & development projects witnessed by Dubai aimed at achieving RTA vision of providing Safe & Smooth Transport for All. It is also part of RTA strategy to meet the current and future requirements of roads & transportation, and develop integrated solutions of land & marine transportation networks that are safe to use, in line with the comprehensive economic development plans and meet the demographic expansion of the Emirate.

- Engineer Maitha bin Udai
- A layout of Murdiff Bridges

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