Monday, January 23, 2012

RTA to complete construction of bike stands in 1st Qtr 2012

RTA to complete construction of bike stands in 1st Qtr 2012

3000 bike stands to be allocated for the Red & Green Line Metro lines

The Roads & Transport Authority – Manal Khalid:
The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has completed the construction of a large number of bike stands as part of the initial phase of allocating bike stands at Dubai Metro stations on both the Red and Green Lines with a view to enhancing integrated public transport systems in Dubai Emirate, and accordingly encourage the public to use bikes particularly in short trips. The rest of bike stands, the total number of which is 3000 stands, are set to be completed in the first quarter of this year.

Engineer Maitha bin Udai, CEO of Traffic & Roads Agency, said:"The RTA is always seeking to boost various public transit modes and bring them in line with the best practices worldwide. The use of bikes is a positive practice that contributes to easing the intensive use of vehicles and accordingly alleviates the ensuing environmental pollution. We are therefore focusing on this project and seeking to turn it into a reality in cooperation with RTA Rail Agency.

"The project comprises the construction of about 3000 bike stands near the metro stations on the Red and Green Lines. Phase I of the project, which has been completed earlier, comprised the construction of 212 bike stands at 8 stations on the Red Line out of a total of 1974 stands. These include 96 stands at Al Rashidiya Station, 16 stands at Khalid bin Al Waleed Station, 32 stands at Jafliyah Station, 16 stands at Financial Center Station, 32 stands at Mall of the Emirates Station, 16 stands at Ibn Battuta Station, and about 4 stands at Nakheel Station. RTA has completed the construction of bases for about 1200 new stands at the Red Line stations and it is planned to have them completed by the first quarter of this year.

"Phase II of the Project, which will be started in future, comprises the construction of bases for about 1100 stands on the Green Line stations. These stands are subject to increase following the completion of comprehensive surveys that will be continuously undertaken by the concerned departments at the Traffic & Roads Agency. Accordingly, it will be possible to identify the number of users and the most popular stations in order to fit them with more stands in future. Should the project prove successful, we have plans in place to allocate stands at the business & vital locations in Dubai Emirate that have dedicated lanes for bikes.

"It is imperative to accomplish this Project in order for bikers to avoid disorderly parking of bikes at non-designated places through parking them beside lighting poles, traffic signals or tying them to trees. Such practices inflict damage to public properties, block the visibility of motorists & road users, and distort the general appearance of the neighbourhood, particularly the tourist areas. Bike stands have been designed in a way that makes them accessible, easy to use and satisfactory to all parties.

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