Thursday, January 12, 2012

The World Dubai:RTA signs strategic partnership pact with Royal Island Beach Club

RTA signs strategic partnership pact with Royal Island Beach Club

The Roads & Transport Authority – Nashwan Attaa'ee:
The Public Transport Agency at the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) and the Royal Island Beach Club, the owner of Lebanon Island, The World islands, have agreed to operate marine transit means, namely Water Taxi and Ferry Dubai, at the Club-owned Lebanon Island; the first island to be opened in The World project.

To this effect, a strategic partnership agreement in a form of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has recently been signed between the Public Transport Agency and the Royal Island Beach Club at the Head Office of the Agency in Dubai.

For the RTA the Agreement was signed by the Acting CEO of Public Transport Agency Ahmed Al Hammadi, and for the Royal Island Beach Club the signing was made by the CEO of the Club Wakil Ahmed Azmi in the presence of several directors and managers from both parties.
Al Hammadi reiterated RTA's serious endeavours to open up joint cooperative channels with the tourist operators in the UAE through launching joint ventures and reciprocal activities in the field of marine transport in Dubai with a view to boosting tourism in the Emirate and keeping abreast of the progress afoot in this field.

"The objectives of signing this Agreement revolve around achieving mutual benefits through outlining the framework of the partnership relationships between both parties. Specifically, it calls for making joint efforts to improve the performance & efficiency of marine transit services such as the Water Taxi and Ferry Dubai services, engaging in new investment prospects in commercial marine transport services, cooperating in the fields of advertising & marketing to promote RTA's marine transit modes through profiling the Water Bus, Water Taxi and Ferry Dubai in the Club's media channels including its website, and broadening the reach of RTA's marine transit means, namely Water Taxi and Ferry Dubai.
"In keeping with the current & future drive of the Dubai Government to enhance the interaction between the public & private sectors, the RTA has opened communication channels and held meetings with developers in the private sector. In this regard the Public Transport Agency has kicked off this drive by inviting the Royal Island Beach Club to sign this Agreement as an initial step down the track of prospective activities between the two parties," continued Al Hammadi.

He articulated RTA's readiness to play a vital role in developing tourism, and effectively contributing to broadening the scope of tourism in general and tourist transport in particular out of its belief in the vitality of supplementing the tourist sector with this service; which, he says, is a key pillar of tourist sector's business and an important source of generating income in this regard.

For his part the CEO of the Royal Island Beach Club Wakil Ahmed Azmi was delighted with the signing of this Agreement with the RTA, considering it one of the key initiatives undertaken by the Club in one of the most booming sectors in Dubai Emirate. He also expressed the Club's willingness to cooperate with the Public Transport Agency in promoting the tourist marine transport.

"This Agreement is a crucial step in establishing the pillars of joint cooperation between the two parties for serving the tourist & service sectors in Dubai Emirate," said Azmi in a final remark.

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