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Dubai Metro train faults: 1 fault every 4m km_Al Tayer

Dubai Metro train faults: 1 fault every 4m km_Al Tayer

The Roads & Transport Authority – Mohammed Al Munji:
His Excellency Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), revealed that the faults rate in Dubai Metro is one single fault per 4 million kilometers done by the metro i.e. one fault in one metro car every 800 thousand kilometers. Such a rate is considered as excellent when measured by the standards of modern trains' faults worldwide, and a testament to RTA's commitment to provide the highest safety & security levels in the operation of the Dubai Metro. This will translate into security, safety and comfort for the metro commuters from the moment they enter the metro station till their exit; which clearly demonstrates RTA's Vision of providing Safe & Smooth Transport for All.

Al Tayer made these comments in a tour that took him to the Control Center and Trains Maintenance & Cleaning Workshop at the Jebel Ali Depot during which he was accompanied by the CEO of Rail Agency Adnan Al Hammadi, Director of Rail Planning & Development Abdul Rida Abu Al Hasan, Director of Rail Operation Ramadan Abdullah, Director of Rail Operation Ali Abdul Qadir, and a number of engineers.

During the tour, Al Tayer was briefed by Adnan Al Hammadi about the work mechanism adopted in Jebel Ali Metro Depot which spans an area of 110 thousand square meters, and acts as a standby control center for operating the metro in case of any failure in the Control Center at Al Rashidiya. Operation tests are carried out regularly for all the facilities of Jebel Ali Metro Depot to measure their operational readiness.
Al Hammadi added that the Depot has a capacity to house 40 trains, and the workshop carries out internal cleaning of 20 trains, and body washing of 8 trains per day.

RTA Chairman of the Board and Executive Director then toured the sections of the Workshop where trains maintenance & cleaning is carried out. The Workshop is fitted with gantry cranes, sophisticated electronic systems enabling maintenance works to be done for more than one train at a time, air-conditioners and advance firefighting systems. Al Tayer inspected the safety aspects observed by the Workshop to ensure the security & safety of the staff in line with the latest and best standards of the industry worldwide. He also inspected the Control Center of trains operation systems; which ensures the safety of doors, brakes and engines of each individual train as well as the safety of air-conditioners and other sophisticated subsidiary electronic systems.

"The Dubai Metro has three depots for maintaining & cleaning trains; two for the Red Line at Al Rashidiya & Jebel Ali, and one for the Green Line at Al Qusais. It also has two Metro Operation Control Centers; one at Jebel Ali (as a contingency control center), and the other is the Main Control Center at Al Rashidiya; which acts as a watchdog of the movement of trains throughout the day to ensure the safety of commuters. It exercises full control of the daily operation of the Dubai Metro service on both the Red & Green Lines. There is a giant display monitor for both lines in addition to 37 totally separate display monitors on the Red Line and 28 monitors on the Green Line.

The Center controls & monitors the movement of the rolling stock and relevant systems through monitoring the performance of the automated systems of trains movement, communication, transformers, and power feed of trains and metro stations. The Center has several sections manned by highly qualified technical staff for implementing the rules & procedures regarding the safe operation of trains, management of emergency cases and taking appropriate decisions to overcome the difficulties encountered. The Center communicates with train passengers through communication systems on board the metro cars, and the Control Room, in case of emergency.

The Control Center monitors trains movement, provides passengers information systems, manages trains entry into railway, controls the operation & stopping of trains, monitors the environmental control, and watches the power supply feed for trains and stations. It also supervises the safety systems such as the systems of firefighting, ventilation of tunnel & station systems, and train air-conditioning besides verifying the safety of doors, brakes and engines of each train individually.

Mattar Al Tayer inspecting the Jebel Ali Metro Depot

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