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Infrastructure design for ‘Dubai Lagoon’ in sync with construction progress, says Schön Properties

Infrastructure design for ‘Dubai Lagoon’ in sync with construction progress, says Schön Properties

Sinergo working closely with the developer on the infrastructure design

June 06, 2010

Schön Properties, a leading regional property developer, and its appointed infrastructure design consultant Sinergo, revealed that the development of the infrastructure design for the ‘Dubai Lagoon’ is in sync with the construction progress within the community project. The announcement follows the awarding of an infrastructure design contract, valued at AED 1.5 million, to the Italy-based consultant, who is working closely with contractors Bin Sabt Building Contracting Company, Belhasa Contracting and Engineering Company (BHECC), and Commodore Contracting as well as Mazaya, the project’s consultants. In addition, the developer is currently reviewing many high profiles companies specialized in infrastructure works to shortlist the companies who will be invited to bid once the design is completed, with a view towards appointing a contractor thereafter.

Schön Properties revealed that the infrastructure will be built in stages, with a total of three months allocated for each stage, in line with its aims to finish the infrastructure works according to schedule and deliver the project’s zones within their stipulated deadlines. Sinergo is currently working on the complete network design for the supply of electricity, water, drainage, storm water, street lighting, chilled water, irrigation, telephone and LPG across the entire ‘Dubai Lagoon’ project. In addition, the company is also in charge of the project’s hard features such as fountains, water features and other architectural and sculptural accents, as well as its soft features, which include extensive green areas, flowering annuals, perennials and trees. Furthermore, Sinergo has also been tasked to work on the project’s leisure facilities including the lagoon and its surrounding design, sandy beaches and other common areas.

“The infrastructure design of the ‘Dubai Lagoon’ project is a critical element to the success of the development; therefore, we have ensured that this vital phase will be handled by a company with the highest regard for quality benchmarks,” said Asher H. Schön, Vice President, Schön Properties. “We have made a decision to partner with Sinergo for their excellent track record and extensive experience in working in projects with the same massive scale and scope as ‘Dubai Lagoon’. We are working closely with them to ensure that all quality guidelines are met within the pre-determined deadlines specified for each stage, and we are looking forward to starting the construction phase within the next few months.”

Established as a result of a merger of reputable names in engineering services – Sinergo Engineering Srl and Elettrostudio SpA, Sinergo SpA combines the two companies’ respective capabilities in the fields of civil and structural engineering and technical systems and energy. By leveraging the added value of multidisciplinary engineering developed through constant exchange and contact between different technical cultures, the company offers solutions that meet the customer's requirements in the infrastructure, services, healthcare and research, industrial and energy sectors. Headquartered in Maerne di Martellago, Venice, the company has been involved in the construction of several iconic projects in the UAE, through its offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

“We have built a reputation for unique uncompromising quality design works within the regional construction sector by keeping a firm commitment to ensuring highest construction standards for the design implementation of some of the biggest landmark project across the UAE. In doing so, we are guided by an internal multidisciplinary approach that allows for an integrated assessment of all the requirements, and our focus on consolidating relationships with various partners to develop global integrated engineering services and gain excellence in project designing solutions. For this project, our priority is to ensure that the infrastructure design of the ‘Dubai Lagoon’ will contribute towards achieving its goal of creating a new architectural landmark in Dubai,” concluded Achraf Ibrahim, Managing Director, Middle East Branch - Sinergo.

In addition to the infrastructure design agreement with Sinergo, Schön Properties has also previously awarded several multimillion-dirham contracts for the project, including a recent AED 82.25 million construction deal to Abu Dhabi-based Commodore Contracting. At present, the company is reporting fast-paced progress on Zones 2 and 4, with structural works for Zone 1 already completed and the MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) contractor is almost on board to execute the MEP required works and the other finishing works that are currently under process. The structure of Zone 3 is set to be completed by contractor Belhasa at the end of this year, while the structure for Zones 2 and 4 are expected to be completed within 18 months.

About Schön Properties
Established in 2004, Schön Properties are one of Dubai's leading private developers. The company has several prestigious projects to their credit, including Schön Business Park, Schön Suites and their flagship development Dubai Lagoon.

It has been the company's driving ambition to continuously grow, succeed and become prominent in every field of business it chooses to engage in. Schön's senior management brings a rich equity of diverse experience in real estate, finance and various other industries. This coupled with traditional family values of fairness and honesty in every aspect of the business, ensure maximum value to its customers and partners.

The company's unique combination of experience and expertise, maintains the equality between the brand's promise, and the resulting experience.

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