Tuesday, September 6, 2011

RTA issues exclusive Nol Cards to commemorate the opening of the Green Line

RTA issues exclusive Nol Cards to commemorate the opening of the Green Line

Roads & Transport Authority – Manal Khalid:
The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has issued exclusive Silver and Gold Nol Cards for public transport users in Dubai Emirate to commemorate the opening of the Green Line of Dubai Metro scheduled for launch on Sept 9th in a limited edition of about ten thousand cards only.

Explaining the new cards, the CEO of Corporate Technical Support Services Sector Abdullah Al Madani said: “The new cards feature a special design marking the opening of the Metro Green Line and will be sold at a price of 35 dirham per card including the prepaid electronic purse of 14 dirham.

“RTA is always seeking to roll out excellent ideas that fit effectively and positively with the key events. This has prompted us to offer public transport riders in Dubai Emirate a chance to acquire distinctive new fare cards in a limited edition to mark the opening of the Green Line; which is one of the key projects undertaken by the RTA over the past years for which it committed all potential resources to make the metro the prime destination of mobility across the city,” he said

“All these exclusive Gold and Silver Nol Cards will be sold exclusively through the metro stations in order to offer the best means of paying fares in Dubai through the use of a unified card good for use in all mass transit modes such as the metro, public buses, and the water bus besides the possibility of using it in paying parking fees, which saves much time and effort of commuters.

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