Friday, September 30, 2011

RTA to rent retail outlets at Dubai Metro stations

RTA to rent retail outlets at Dubai Metro stations

Outlets on offer include 116 outlets on the Red Line, 79 on the Green Line

Roads & Transport Authority – Nashwan Atta'ee:
The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has launched another key initiative related to the Dubai Metro Red and Green Lines whereby 116 retail outlets are offered for rent on the Red Line stations while 79 outlets are being offered on the Green Line.
"This project is considered one of the vital & unique investment projects that house diverse business activities such as restaurants, cafes, groceries, supermarkets, confectionaries, bookshops, flower shops, beauty parlours, and outlets for selling accessories, electronics, telecommunication systems and others," said the CEO of RTA Rail Agency Adnan Al Hamadi,

"The retail outlets of the Dubai Metro stations offer a host of diverse goods, products and services in areas ranging from 8 to 645 square meters, depending on the nature of the commercial activity and the location within the station.
"These outlets offer unique business opportunities for the retail sector in Dubai Emirate enabling the offering of goods and services to passengers using both the Red and Green Lines, particularly in view of the continuous increase in the metro ridership. The outlets have been designed to be in harmony with the unique designs of the metro stations and meet the needs of investors and businessmen. They are expected to attract a wide spectrum of international brands, and accordingly boost the existing partnership between the RTA and private sector businesses.
"The layout and design of these outlets has been customized to suit the practicing of different trading activities to serve a wide segment of the metro users comprising residents, visitors and tourists. Retail outlets sector of the Dubai Metro will play a key role in boosting the tourist image of the Emirate of Dubai besides its core role of enhancing the integration of the mass transit network, and making the public transport the ideal mobility choice of all community segments," added the CEO of Rail Agency.

Al Hammadi expected the project to be extremely popular and add to the successes made by the Emirate of Dubai in a way that that boosts the economy as well as the ability of the Emirate and its investment potentials. The success of this experiment is closely linked to the success of the metro project and showcases its unique role not only at the UAE level and the region but also across the globe besides the positive impact it has or bound to have on the daily life of the public.

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