Sunday, February 26, 2012

RTA inks agreement with Dubai Municipality for drilling wells, excavating Creek bed permits

RTA inks agreement with Dubai Municipality for drilling wells, excavating Creek bed permits

The Roads & Transport Authority – Manal Khalid:
The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has recently signed a service-delivery agreement with the Dubai Municipality governing the streamlining of issuing work permits for any engineering works relating to excavating the bottom of the Creek, or drilling wells to extract subterranean waters in order to clearly identify the tasks of the respective parties particularly those within the right-of-way of the rail track tunnels stretching underneath the Dubai Creek.
The Agreement was signed by the CEO of RTA Rail Agency Adnan Al Hammadi, and the Assistant General Manager for Health, Safety & Environment Sector at the Dubai Municipality.

Al Hammadi, praised the cooperation of the two public entities in the public interest adding: “This Agreement provides for the Rail Agency, represented by the Rail Right-Of-Way, to issue permits & NOCs to carry out works that fall within the right-of-way of the Dubai Creek, be it drilling of subterranean wells or any engineering works concerned with excavations in the bed of the Creek. The Environment Department at the Dubai Municipality will accordingly issue the required permits to applicants before the commencement of works.”

He explained the importance of maintaining joint cooperation between the two entities in carrying out intensive monitoring tasks of the engineering activities that fall within the rail right-of-way in their respective fields through exchanging information, instant receipt of complaints, and coordination in reporting any contraventions; which will in turn contribute to the enhancement of security, and establishing of streamlined processes aligned with the required quality standards.

“Through this Agreement, the Agency is endeavouring to achieve the intended objectives of promoting joint initiatives between public & private entities, engaging in joint ventures related to the protection of the rail right-of-way installations, ensuring the speedy processing & implementation of the provisions of the Agreement, and working with the Dubai Municipality to develop future initiatives for the improvement of services.

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