Sunday, March 11, 2012

RTA offers cyclists traffic safety tips, plans expanding dedicated cycling tracks

RTA offers cyclists traffic safety tips, plans expanding dedicated cycling tracks

Roads and Transport Authority – Abdul Fattah Haidrah:

The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) is moving ahead with the events of GCC Traffic Week 2012 held under the theme "Together to Reduce Traffic Accidents" which continues through Thursday 15 March 2012.

Engineer Hussain Al Banna, Director of Traffic & Roads Agency, said that the educative efforts aimed at curbing traffic accidents have not ceased and the RTA will continue to hold events to raise the traffic awareness & culture among community members, particularly categories that have the greatest influence on raising or reducing accident rates such as bus drivers and cyclists.
The past five years have seen a drop in the mortality rates sustained by cyclists due to traffic accidents in Dubai, and the fatal accidents resulting from running over cyclists have dropped from 14 cases in 2009 to 12 cases in 2010 and further dropped to 6 cases only last year (2011).

The Director of Traffic stated that the educative events held by the RTA during the GCC Traffic Week target most community segments including workers in order to brief them on the essential traffic safety guidelines to avert run over accidents. The RTA is coordinating with the Dubai Dry Docks to carry out educative events on Monday targeting thousands of workers at the premises of the Co., particularly workers using bicycles in travelling from and to the place of work and residences.
"Events in the Dry Docks will include an awareness lecture delivered to workers in more than one language explaining the causes of run-over accidents and how to avoid them, outlining key articles in the Federal Traffic Law, and offering a general overview of the traffic safety guidelines along with RTA's efforts to improve cyclists' safety levels," said engineer Hussain Al Banna.

"The RTA is continuously striving to encourage workers and community members to follow safe practices while bicycling, such as wearing helmets & reflective gear, avoiding crossing the street from other than the designated areas, and urging cyclists to be extra cautious while biking to avoid run-over accidents, which may result in serious injuries and sometimes death," he added.

"The RTA plans to expand the cycling tracks to strengthen Dubai's standing as an international cycling center," continued Al Banna, pointing out to the special tracks currently made available stretching about 31 km at the 2nd of December Street, Jumeirah Street and Mankhool Street in addition to the more than 3,000 bicycles racks along these tracks.

He indicated that the RTA was keen on fostering the culture of using bicycles as appropriate and sports means of transport in the Emirate of Dubai, adding that the RTA organized several events advocating biking.

"We have issued many publications focusing on cyclists' traffic safety, which we distributed in many events, especially among workers who depend on bicycles as a means of transport. We also distributed reflective dresses to cyclists to put them on while biking, especially at night. The RTA also organized awareness programs oriented to cyclists entitled. (Pay Attention to Your Track), which targeted more than 10 thousand workers in the World Dry Docks, and 40 foremen," he continued.
The RTA will continue the activities of the Gulf Traffic Week 2012, as some exciting events will start as of tomorrow, Tuesday at the Festival City and run for three days in the morning and evening sessions, in addition to other student activities at traffic track at Al Aqsa School for Primary Education, besides receiving delegations from GCC traffic departments.

Events organized by the RTA yesterday (Sunday) at the Rashid Hospital witnessed excellent response from hospital visitors who attended to a practical demonstration of the safety belt working mechanism, and received many tips and brochures on traffic safety. Supervisors of the events also visited the victims of traffic accidents who receive treatment at Rashid Hospital.

Guidelines for cyclists:
• Always check the road map and safe areas for crossing before setting off.
• Each bicycle is dedicated to only one passenger, not two.
• Each cyclist should wear a safety helmet to reduce the risk of injuries and accidents.
• Don't forget to wear your reflective clothing, particularly at night to ensure your road safety.
• Make sure the bicycle's front/back lights are switched on, so that motorists can see you.
• Make sure you cross the street from pedestrians / cyclists designated areas.
• Use the correct hand signal while attempting to cross street or overtake vehicles.
• It is strictly prohibited to ride bicycles on highways

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