Wednesday, August 5, 2009

RTA: Taxi number plates changed from black to yellow

RTA: Taxi number plates changed from black to yellow

Dubai (Unite Arab Emirates): Starting yesterday (Tuesday 4 August 2009), Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) embarked on changing the number plates of taxicabs in the emirate of Dubai from the existing black plates to new yellow plates, as part of its ongoing drive of maintaining and renovating the beautiful appearance of transport sector in the emirate.

“This project has come to fruition thanks to the cooperation of three RTA agencies, namely Licensing Agency (Vehicle Licensing Dep’t), Public Transport Agency (Franchise and Monitoring Dep’t), and Dubai Taxi Agency (Fleet Processes and Operations Dep’t)” said Ahmed Hashim Bahrozyan, CEO of RTA's Licensing Agency.

He added: “All taxicabs in the emirate of Dubai will have yellow number plates instead of the existing black ones. Through this project RTA is intending to add more attractive colours in keeping with the project of redesigning the colour code and logo of Dubai Taxicabs recently undertaken by the RTA with the aim of modernizing and upgrading the technical specifications of the taxi number plates, which remained unchanged for a considerable time. The change is also in response to customer wishes who complained from the vague plates at certain times particularly at night.

“RTA started distribution of these plates to taxi franchise companies in the emirate of Dubai so that the process of replacing the old number plates with the new ones will be carried out smoothly during the month of August. Marine Agency has recently completed manufacturing of 10,360 number plates (two plates carrying the same number per vehicle) and painted them in black. RTA used German technology in manufacturing these plates which are made of aluminum, and in the yellow paint and the reflective material used in these plates.

“This drive will be generalized to cover all taxicabs in the emirate of Dubai i.e. more than 7400 vehicles, including Dubai Taxi Corporation taxicabs and others operating under franchise companies; namely: Arabian Taxi, National Taxi, Cars Taxi, and Metro Taxi. These companies were advised of this process and will be issued with the new plates such that the replacement process will be completed during this month.

“Dubai Taxi Corporation has started installation of the new number plates of taxicabs as of yesterday (4 August 2009) and a timetable was set for installing the new yellow plates on all taxicabs working under the umbrella of Dubai Taxi, the number of which exceeds 3503 vehicles, within two weeks at a rate of 250 vehicles per day.

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