Thursday, August 20, 2009

RAK Ceramics offers revolutionary range of thin-size tiles with launch of 'RAKSLIM'

RAK Ceramics offers revolutionary range of thin-size tiles with launch of 'RAKSLIM'

New brand of 4.5 mm tiles sets new industry standards in thickness, strength, flexibility and costs

August 20, 2009
RAK Ceramics, the world's largest ceramic manufacturer, has announced today (Thursday, August 20, 2009) the launch of "RAKSLIM," a new brand of 4.5-millimetre thick tile that sets a new industry benchmark in thickness, strength, cost and ease of use. The trend-setting product line will initially be offered in some models of Gres Porcellanato tiles, including the Lounge Series and the New Port Series.

RAKSLIM features a minimum breaking strength of 700 N and a minimum modulus of rupture of 40 N/mm2, which are unprecedented for thin-size tiles in the market. Furthermore, RAKSLIM cuts down almost half of the weight of conventional tiling, resulting in a significant reduction of dead load on building structures and subsequently reduced structure costs.

Dr. Khater Massaad, CEO, RAK Ceramics, said, "RAKSLIM represents a new technological milestone for RAK Ceramics, perfected after several months of trials, experiments and technical research. This new brand of thin-size tiles is the future of ceramic tiling, which will strengthen RAK Ceramics' reputation as a leading innovator and trendsetter in the global market. Moreover, RAKSLIM complements our extensive product range that focuses on variety, ready availability and durability, which translates into enhanced service and product value for our distributors, residential and commercial clients, and other customers."

RAKSLIM will initially be offered in 30x60-centimetre sizes, while RAK Ceramics will later on manufacture larger sizes and a wider range of models. With its remarkable thickness, RAKSLIM offers significant savings in transport costs as nearly twice as many RAKSLIM tiles can be shipped in a container compared with regular-size tiles.

RAKSLIM tiles are also easy to cut, drill, handle and install, and offer greater flexibility for usage in any existing flat surface at home or in commercial premises. The new tile brand is also ideal for renovation of existing floors as its thickness helps avoid costs of removal of existing floor coverings.

RAK Ceramics exports its innovative products and designs in ceramic tiles, Gres Porcellanato and sanitaryware to over 135 countries, targeting architects, project developers and retail customers. The company offers a perfect blend of technical finesse and aesthetics through 6,000 designs in ceramic tiles, Gres Porcellanato, and several models in sanitary ware.

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