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Diamond Developers Extends its Relationship with University California Davis

Diamond Developers Extends its Relationship with University California Davis
Real estate developer behind The Sustainable City to fund further research into sustainability

Dubai, UAE, June01, 2015:Diamond Developers the real estate organization behind The Sustainable City - Dubai’s first world-class sustainable community project–is extending its relationship with the University California Davis (UC Davis), United States,in a collaborative venture that will fund academic and applied research on sustainable development.
To cement the new expansion to their relationship, which was first established with an MoU in February 2014, a senior delegation from Diamond Developers visited UC Davis May 12 - 14. A main item on the agenda was how the UC Davis could benefit from The Sustainable City’s Innovation Centre, a research institution that is being established to promote best practices in sustainability - – and how the Sustainable City could benefit from UC Davis' world-class research and scholarship.
Included in the Diamond Developers’ group visiting UC Davis were Faris Saeed, Diamond Developers CEO and co-Founder and Wassim Adlouni, Diamond Developers Vice President and Board Member. Among the UC Davis representatives receiving the party were Linda Katehi, Chancellor UC Davis; Ralph Hexter, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor; David Lawlor, Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer, Distinguished Professor Suad Joseph and Professor Bryan Jenkins.
“This was an important visit that enabled us to discuss how Diamond Developers is going to work in cooperation with UC Davis to fund further research into sustainable development. In particular,It gave us the opportunity to showcase the facilities of The Sustainable City’s Innovation Centre, which will set new standards for research and education relating to the conservation of resources and the environment. We were delighted to be able to use the opportunity to plan such initiatives as possible future visits for UC Davis’ students to the Innovation Centre, the sharing of knowledge and the comparing of best practice,” said Faris Saeed, Diamond Developers CEO and co-Founder.
The collaboration between Diamond Developers and UC Davis extends further, including the development of a professional training program in sustainability with an online curriculum; and the development of sustainability performance indicators which will be relevant to arid climates, such as the UAE and California and other areas of research cooperation.  “The collaboration between UC Davis and Diamond Developers, especially around the twin Innovation Centers, promises to pioneer path-breaking research and train a new generation of scholars who will lead the UAE and the region towards the future of sustainable cities,” Distinguished Professor Suad Joseph observed.

Diamond Developers’ excursion to UC Davis also evaluated the ongoing Sustainability Research and Training Programme (SRTP). The five research projects currently underway under the scheme are funded by Diamond Developers and carried out by UC Davis and four leading Arab Universities; American University of Beirut, Lebanese American University, American University in Cairo and Birzeit University in Palestine. Project topics are related to sustainability and the built environment and include waste management, solar energy and water treatment. Proposals for new projects,currently under consideration focus on social sustainability topics.

Diamond Developers established The Sustainable City to be a world-class project underpinned by the three key elements of sustainability; economic, environmental and social. When complete, it will have a residential area comprising 500 townhouses and courtyard villas, an ‘Eco-resort’ of 143 bungalows and individual units and a luxury sustainable hotel with a natural spa centre. Residents will enjoy a variety of sports and leisure facilities, such as a Community Centre and Equestrian Club, as well as biking and shaded jogging trails across the city. Natural ‘biodome’ greenhouses, an organic farm and individual garden farms will be in place for local food production. The city will produce much of its own electric power with onsite photovoltaic generation and will separate all waste water into grey and black water waste streams to be recycled and used for the landscape and urban farming. Convenient essential facilities will include clinics, banks a ‘Green School’ and a mosque, while tourist attractions will feature a Planetarium and a grass Amphitheatre for the hosting of events.The Sustainable City’s Innovation Centre, which was under discussion at the Diamond Developers’ meeting with UC Davis, is expected to become a major knowledge resource and educational centreon sustainable practices.
UC Davis is a premier public institution of higher education located in California, USA.  From its founding a century ago as a pioneer in agriculture, it is also dedicated to seeking solutions to some of the planet’s most pressing challenges.In 2012-13, UC Davis was awarded over $700M in research funding from agencies and foundations outside the university. It operates numerous specialized research centres. The university offers interdisciplinary graduate study and 99 undergraduate majors in four colleges and six professional schools. UC Davis' commitment to the environment and sustainability is reflected in a number of national rankings.  UC Davis has the number one ranked college of agriculture and environmental science in the world, and the number one ranked school of veterinary medicine in the world.  UC Davis is one of the top green universities in the world.

About Sustainable City:
The Sustainable City (TSC) is a practical implementation of social, economic and environmental (SEE) sustainability. Through stakeholder engagement, innovative design and future monitoring to sustain, the city embodies the true meaning of sustainable living. With 46 hectares, a population of 2,700 residents and located in Dubailand on Al Qudra Road, TSC is a 20 minute drive to both Al Maktoum International Airport and the Burj Al Arab Hotel.  TSC comprises of various land uses such as residential, commercial, educational, urban farming, leisure, healthcare and Innovation Center.

About Diamond Developers:
Established in 2003 by a team of eco-minded entrepreneurs, architects and civil engineers, Diamond Developers’ vision and mission is to be at the forefront of an environmentally, economically and socially sustainable property industry and to deliver premium quality properties and businesses for the Dubai market and beyond.

The Sustainable City (TSC) is a practical implementation of social, economic and environmental (SEE) sustainability. The City embodies the true meaning of sustainable living through stakeholder engagement, innovative design and future monitoring to sustain itself.
TSC comprises various land-uses such as residential, commercial, educational, urban farming, leisure, healthcare and The Sustainability Center of Excellence.
The city consists of:
-          The Buffer Zone
-          The Equestrian Center
-          The Central Green Spine
-          The Residential Clusters
-          Courtyard & Garden Villa
-          Community Mall
-          Mosque
-          Eco-Resort and
-          Country Club
-          School
-          Science Museum & Planetarium
-          Sustainability Center of Excellence

General information:
       46 hectares
       Located in Dubailand on Al Qudra Road
       20 minutes drive to Al Maktoum International Airport and the Burj Al Arab Hotel 

  • 27m wide, surrounding the community
  •  Reduces air & noise pollution
  •  Barrier to dust
  •  Provides shade
  •  Enhances air quality

Consists of:
  1. 4 layers of 2500 trees, 10m in height
  2. Shaded two-way 4km horse track
  3. Shaded two-way 4km cycle track
  4. Shaded 3km rubberized walking track
  5. A bio-swale collecting storm water runoff for recycling & reuse
  6. Additional 1000 date palm trees on both sides of outer perimeter ring-road.

The Equestrian Center
General information:
  • 4,400 sq. m land area
  • 32 stable stalls
Activities include:
    1. Horse riding lessons
    2. Horse jumping and beauty shows
    3. City horse carriage tours

The Central Green Spine
General information:
  • 36,000 sq. m
  • Productive landscapes
  • Urban farming
  • Outdoor sports & recreation
  • Recycled water irrigation systems

Consists of:
  1. 1km rubberized jogging track
  2. 5 outdoor fitness, yoga & sport stations
  3. Multiple shaded seating areas
  4. Community swimming pool & gym with associated amenities
  5. Two 100% recycled water lakes connected
by a stream with bridge crossings, waterfalls
& fountains to irrigate the trees
  1. A traditional Falaj water irrigation system
  2. 3000 productive trees that include:

The 11 Biodomes:
  • Naturally ventilated
  • 7m in height
  • 300 sq. m each
  • Growing herbs, vegetables & fruits
  • Priority to residents
  • Surplus sold at Friday Community Market
  • Herb production will meet total residents’ needs

The Residential Clusters
General information:
  • 5 clusters, 100 units each = 500 units total
  • Connected to Central Green Spine
  • Fully gated and monitored for safety and security
  • Each cluster divided into 16 lots of 3 & 4 bedroom courtyard & garden villas.
  • Solar shaded parking areas function to:
      generate power for outdoor LED lighting
      charge electrical cars & golf carts
  • 10 to 100m distance between parking area & villas
  • 2 allocated car parking spaces & 2 allocated golf cart spaces for each villa:
      1 golf cart space underneath the solar shaded parking area
      1 golf cart space in villa

Within the clusters:
  • Sikkas (internal roads) fully pedestrianized
  • Shaded, safe & car free
  • Central urban plazas with a barjeel wind tower and electric shuttle stop
  • 4 children play parks per cluster; 1 per 25 villas
  • Multiple recycling stations

Courtyard & Garden Villa
  • Private, North oriented , L-shaped units with abundant daylight & landscaped garden
  • Highly insulated UV reflective walls, roof and windows
  • Accessible solar shaded rooftop terrace overlooking the city
  • Smart, energy efficient air conditioning system with humidity controls
  • Energy-Star rated kitchen appliances
  • Solar water heaters
  • LED lighting
  • Water efficient fixtures, faucets & appliances
  • 100% recycling of wastewater in separate grey & black water drainage networks

Community Mall
General information:
A 15,000 sq m. community mall  that comprises:
  1. Shops, cafes & restaurants, on the periphery of an outdoor central plaza
  2. 89 rentable apartments:
      studios, 1 &2 bedrooms
      rent priority to community employees.
  1. Offices
  2. Healthcare clinic
  3. Nursery
  4. Supermarket
  5. Community amenities
  6. Friday Community Market

General information:
       1500 sq. m
       Located at the gateway of the city
       700 person capacity
Consists of:
  1. Sustainable design strategies:
    • 100%  water recycling from ablution areas
    • LED lighting
    • High efficiency HVAC with moisture control
    • UV reflective paint
    • Solar Water Heaters
    • Solar shaded parking areas powering outdoor LED lighting

Eco-Resort and Country Club
  • 10,000 sq. m Eco-resort with 143 rooms
  • Offers tourists the opportunity to engage in community urban farming
  • To host the Sustainability Center of Excellence’s guests, professors and lecturers
  • The country club will have sports facilities & outdoor courts
  • Environmentally friendly design:
      100% water recycling
      LED lighting
      High efficiency HVAC with moisture control
      UV reflective paint
      Solar water heaters

General information:
  • 8,000 sq. m K-12 green school
  • 1000 students
  • Sustainable building
  • High-tech, digitized school
  • Progressive curriculum
  • Students will utilize TSC for interactive learning on:
      renewable energy
      water recycling
      air quality
      urban farming
      waste management & composting
  • Access to equestrian center & green spine for P.E.
  • Various extra-curricular activities available
  • Outdoor learning

Science Museum & Planetarium
A 2,300 sq. m area for both The Science Museum &The Planetarium

The Science Museum:
  • Indoor & outdoor interactive sustainability exhibits on: energy, water, air, waste & transportation
  • An observation deck with a 360 degree view of the city

The Planetarium:
  • 10 m in diameter dome
  • 90 person capacity
  • Screening educational films on sustainability, Planet Earth & the solar system

Sustainability Center of Excellence
General information:
  • 10,000 sq. m
  • World class institution focused on sustainability
  • Will function as the “brain” to monitor TSC environmental performance
Offering the following activities:
    • Applied sustainability research
    • Training courses
    • Sustainability consulting services
    • Sustainability exhibitions & conferences
    • Providing scholarships to students in other universities (B.Sc , M.Sc , PhD)
Project Delivery Timeline
  • Phase 1 Completion:                   3rd Quarter 2015
    • The Green Belt Buffer Zone
    • Equestrian Center
    • The Central Green Spine
    • Residential clusters 1-5
    • Community Mall
    • All utilities
  • Phase 2 Completion :              4th Quarter 2016
    • Eco-Resort
    • Country Club
    • School
    • Science Museum & Planetarium
    • Sustainability Center of Excellence
  • Limited vehicular access to the outer perimeter ring road and parking lots only. This means internal transportation relies on the following:
    • Zero-emission vehicles, charged by solar panels, and alternative modes of transportation such as:
      • Electric vehicles - provided to each household
      • Internal public transport - electric buses
      • Bicycles and segways
  • EV Charging stations provided across the city
  • Subsidy for an electric car for each household
  • Electric shuttle bus connecting the City to the nearest metro station (Mall of Emirates)

  • Fully-integrated sorting-at-source waste bins throughout the entire community
  • Sorted waste sent to sister company: Tadweer Recycling Facility.
  • Recycle bins provided for:
    • Paper & Cardboard
    • Glass
    • Plastics
    • Metal
    • General Waste
  • Organic waste will be composted and turned into fertilizer and used in the productive & non-productive landscapes
  • Waste management awareness programs offered on how to reduce & reuse waste


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