Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dubai Municipality meets engineering and construction firms

Dubai Municipality meets engineering and construction firms

Buildings Department of Dubai Municipality organized its fifth meeting with the engineering offices and construction companies, developers and government property firms in Dubai. The meeting, which comes within the framework of the municipality's commitment to the continued development to provide services for customers, was held at its training centre.

The meeting introduced the World Bank's concept of building licensing process and the necessary steps for the establishment of a comprehensive building, starting from the land map to getting an NOC, submitting plans, obtaining building permits, requirements of the work site, supervision, obtaining the completion certificates, application procedures for final delivery of the services.

Eng. Khalid Mohammed Saleh, Director of the Buildings Department pointed out that the purpose of this meeting was to reduce building permits procedures and to hear the complaints of owners of companies, consultants and contractors regarding the issuance of permits and approvals by the municipality.

He noted that Dubai Municipality has done a study of the building permit process, to develop and improve the licensing and construction process within Dubai to raise the level of international competitiveness, and has an inventory of all the steps required (compulsory and optional) of the construction of buildings in all stages in addition to holding a number of workshops within and outside the Municipality with the clients.

Saleh said the licensing process is divided into three stages, pre-construction phase from the land map request to obtaining the building permit, implementation phase through getting the building permit to the certificate of completion, and finally, the post-implementation phase of the completion of the building to deliver services to it.

Meanwhile, Mariam Al Hammadi, Director of the Corporate Excellence Department said that the Municipality will examine all complaints and suggestions made by the consultants, noting that the intention of the Municipality is to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of completion of transactions and the best customer service possible.

Eng. Salah Amiri, Assistant Director General for General Support Services, Hamdan Al Shaer, Director of Environment Department, Khalid AbdulRahim, Director of Customer Relations Department and representatives of other government bodies in Dubai were also present on the occasion.

Photo: Khalid Mohammed Saleh speaks in the meeting

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