Monday, July 27, 2009

Completion rate exceeds 70% in the 2nd Phase of Al Ittihad Road

RTA to open key projects before the turn of 2009

Completion rate exceeds 70% in the 2nd Phase of Al Ittihad Road

Roads & Transport Authority

Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) announced that completion rate in phase 2 of Al Ittihad Road Widening Project has so far exceeded 70%, and the project is set to be fully completed and opened for traffic next October. Finishing works of Phase I of the project, which was opened last February, are nearing completion, meanwhile work is up and running in delivering several other road projects in the emirate.
During the first half of this year, many projects have been completed such as Dubai Bypass Road, Upper Deck of Financial Center Road, Al Nahdah-Beirut Interchange, Murdiff Bridge, Phase I of Al Ittihad Road Widening Project (HQ Tunnel), Jumeirah Lakes Interchange, part of the initial phase of Parallel Roads project, and several local roads projects.
Engineer Nabeel Mohammed Salih, Acting CEO of RTA Traffic & Roads Agency, said: “Phase II of Al Ittihad Road Widening Project, which started in early 2007, will be completed in the last quarter of this year and is planned for opening to traffic in October this year. This Project is one of the key projects underway in the emirate as it provides a vital link between Dubai and Sharjah. When opened, the project is set to cut traffic congestion by 80% as the intake of the road will rise from 8000 vehicles per hour to 12000 vehicles per hour in each direction. The total number of vehicles currently using this road exceeds 200,000 vehicles per day.
“Works under this Phase comprise construction of a 4-lane tunnel extending 655 meters at the intersection of the Airport Road with Sheikh Rashid Road, and construction of two bridges, each of two lanes, at the same junction; one for traffic coming from HQ Interchange and bound to the Airport extending 804 meters, and the other for traffic coming from Al Garhoud Bridge and bound to Deira extending 941 meters. Works also include converting the current tunnel to be a one-way tunnel for traffic coming from HQ Interchange and bound to Al Garhoud Bridge. In addition to that there will be a considerable widening of the road sector from Al Garhoud Bridge bound to Al Ittihad Road such that it would be capable of handling traffic volumes up to 2020. Completion of this Phase of the project supplements the initial phase; which was opened last February spanning an area form Al Shu’lah R/A up to Al Nahdah Interchange” he added.
Nabeel continued: “In keeping with projects completion drive, RTA is proceeding ahead with the completion of road projects at Rashid Hospital, which started in June 2008 and is scheduled for completion in April 2010. This project, which forms a phase of the 7th Crossing of Dubai Creek project, comprises construction of a new road passing across Rashid Hospital complex starting from the intersection of Al Riyadh & Floating Bridge Roads. It includes construction of two subways of two lanes each originating from Tariq bin Ziyad Road and Umm Harir Road, crossing under Umm Harir Road and Oud Metha Road and extending up to the intersection of Al Riyadh Road; forming a new 6-lane road passing across Rashid Hospital complex. The Project also covers various road works such as lighting, signs and utility lines.
“RTA achievements are making headway in the First Interchange of Sheikh Zayed Road Improvement Project (Defence Interchange) according to the approved schedule with a completion rate hitting 70% in the project which is slated for completion before the end of this year. The aim of the project is to ease traffic flow from Sheikh Zayed Road to Burj Dubai area through establishing a free bridge for traffic from Dubai to Abu-Dhabi, in addition to a tunnel and several bridges leading to DIFC area. The project is also linked with the upper and lower decks of Financial Center Road to ease traffic movement in all directions.
“The Project is one of the key projects undertaken by the RTA considering its strategic location at Sheikh Zayed Road and being part of Ras Al Khor Crossing project phases. It comprises construction of a new bridge to replace the first interchange of Sheikh Zayed Road; enabling free traffic in all directions. It links Sheikh Zayed Road with the lower and upper decks of Doha Road in addition to a tunnel linking the road passing behind Mazaya Center with the Road passing at the back of towers overlooking Sheikh Zayed Road (Satwa side). It also includes widening of Safa Road and intersections along the road up to Al Wasl Road, in addition to other associated works such as signals, signboards, landscaping … etc” continued engineer Nabeel.
The Acting CEO of Traffic & Roads Agency concluded: “Constructing these projects is part of RTA strategy to keep pace with the urban development and requirements of the current and projected demographic expansion, which is essential to ensure the provision of advanced roads & transport network to keep abreast of the transition witnessed by a cosmopolitan city such as Dubai. It also comes in the context of RTA efforts to curb traffic congestion throughout all roads of the emirate. In this regard RTA seeks to construct a wide network of roads & bridges, develop mass transit systems, and upgrade traffic, transport & technological systems to ensure high operational efficiency of road and transport systems. This will ultimately measure up to the profile of Dubai as a world-class destination for tourists, visitors and businessmen from all corners of the globe, and add to the vision of the RTA to provide Safe & Smooth Transport for All”.

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