Monday, November 23, 2009

MAPEI construction solutions fast track completion of Marina Bay, Dubai Metro and other high-profile projects in UAE

MAPEI construction solutions fast track completion of Marina Bay, Dubai Metro and other high-profile projects in UAE

MAPEI conducts exclusive seminars and special client support services at Big 5 trade show to reinforce its long-term commitment in UAE market

November 23, 2009
MAPEI, global leader in the production of adhesives, sealants and chemical products for buildings, has announced that it is conducting exclusive presentations about innovative ‘cool roofing’ solutions and correct tile installation during back-to-back technical seminars that will serve as key highlights at the Big 5 International Building and Construction Show 2009 that began today (Monday, November 23, 2009) at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre. MAPEI has also deployed a team of professionals at its Big 5 stand to provide visitors with advice on correct material selection and specification as well as installation and finishing.

MAPEI's ULTRAPLAN MAXI, a single component ultra-fast hardening self-levelling compound, was one of the key products that have been recently used in the Marina Bay hotel development as part of the Abu Dhabi F1 preparation and also TOPCEM, a rapid hydration screed used successfully on the Dubai Metro are just two of the products that will be featured at the exhibition. ULTRAPLAN MAXI was a key factor in fast-tracking the Marina Bay hotel development with its ability to be applied up to 30 mm in just one coat, compared with up to three coats using other self-levelling compounds. Importantly, subsequent finishes could then be applied only 24 hours after application of the self leveller, providing substantial savings in program time when compared to other systems which typically need two to four weeks to completely cure before installation of finishes such as wood, pvc, carpet and even certain types of tiling. The tremendous time savings delivered by ULTRAPLAN MAXI helped achieve the tight program deadlines and ensure the Marina Bay's completion in time for the Formula 1 race held on November 1st in Abu Dhabi.

Laith Haboubi, Business Development Manager, IBS-MAPEI, said: "The climate and weather conditions of the UAE, combined with the relatively fast development pace, have created unique challenges for the construction industry. MAPEI has thus introduced premium-value construction and building solutions that are optimised for the distinct demands of construction projects in this country."

"MAPEI will continue to develop solutions that address the evolving requirements of the UAE's construction sector as we reaffirm our long-term commitment to this important market. Furthermore, the customer-focused activities at the Big 5 have been designed to reinforce our relationships with target audiences and highlight MAPEI's superior capabilities to deliver customised solutions for the region's unique construction and building challenges," Haboubi added.

The first instalment of MAPEI's seminars at Big 5 focuses on innovative cool roofing solutions that use advanced waterproofing membranes, where “POLYKOOL” a cool roof modified bitumen roofing membrane is highlighted as an environmentally friendly revolutionary membrane. POLYKOOL is an innovative waterproofing membrane with high emissivity and reflectivity, produced with an APP compound and realised using the already tried and tested ADESO technology. While the second seminar discusses techniques to avoid tile installation problems through correct specification and classification of adhesives, in particular focusing on the new GSO: ISO 13007 standard.

MAPEI also announced that it is introducing to the Middle East market a wide range of high performance waterproofing membrane systems during the Big 5 exhibition following the acquisition of POLYGLASS SpA by MAPEI in late 2008. POLYGLASS is one of the world’s largest producer of waterproof and weatherproof membranes based on modified bituminous felts, with manufacturing facilities in both Italy and the USA.

KERAFLEX, MAPEI's LEED-compliant, high-performance cement-based adhesive that is ideal for ceramic tiles and stone materials, is another key product to be featured at the exhibition. KERAFLEX has won the Silver 2009 GAIA Awards medal, beating over 140 other environmentally friendly products from exhibitors of the Big 5. During the event – which runs until November 26 - MAPEI is also showcasing its complete range of around 150 innovative, LEED-compliant green building solutions, which account for up to 60 per cent of MAPEI’s products offered in the UAE.

Aside from Dubai Metro and the Marina Bay hotel, MAPEI has also been involved over the years in several other high-profile projects in the UAE, including Burj Al Arab, Atlantis Hotel on Palm Jumeirah, Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace Hotel, Dubai International Airport’s Terminal 1 & 3, and the soon to be opened Armani Hotel at Burj Dubai.


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