Saturday, February 20, 2010

RTA: Dubai Metro Red Line to be completed in April 2010, Green Line in August 2011

RTA: Dubai Metro Red Line to be completed in April 2010, Green Line in August 2011

Al Tayer: 7 Metro Stations on the Red Line to be operated on 25 April 2010

Roads & Transport Authority – Mohammed Al Munji:
H.E. Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), announced that the Contractor of Dubai Metro Project; Dubai Rail Link (DURL) Consortium; is set to complete all the remaining works in the stations on the Red Line (18 stations) on 25 April 2010, and that all works in the stations on the Green Line will be completed in August 2011.
“The operation of Red Line stations will be in phases starting from April 25th, 2010; where several key stations will be operational; namely Emirates Station, Airport Terminal 1 Station, GGICO Station, Al Karama Station, World Trade Center Station, Marina Station, and Ibn Battuta Station. The remaining stations will be operated over the following months of 2010” added Al Tayer.
He summarized the criteria upon which the stations to be operated on 25 April 2010 had been selected as: “availability of population density in the locality served by each station so as to provide convenient services to the inhabitants in the neighbourhood, availability of commercial activities in the area served by each station, availability of government activities in the vicinity of each station, the station integration with other transport modes such as buses & water transport means, and the projected number of commuters at each station”.
Al Tayer explained that RTA has agreed with DURL Consortium undertaking Dubai Metro Project to prioritize the outstanding works of the project. “RTA will provide the biggest portion of cash injections out of its budget allocated by the Government of Dubai to cover the cost of the additional works on the Red & Green Lines, add new stations to meet the needs of property development projects, add a depot to accommodate the resultant increase in the capacity, and increase the number of footbridges linking with the metro stations to enable the public use the metro easily. The remaining portion of additional works’ cost will be funded through the project Contractor” said Al Tayer in a final remark.
 Mattar Al Tayer
 Completion of main works at the metro stations

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