Wednesday, September 15, 2010

RTA opens a key bridge at the 1st Interchange, Sh Zayed Rd

RTA opens a key bridge at the 1st Interchange, Sh Zayed Rd

Roads & Transport Authority – Mohammed Al Munji:
The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has opened yesterday one of the key bridges in the 1st Interchange of Sheikh Zayed Road, linking Al Safa Street with the Financial Center Street, thus ensuring smooth flow of traffic inbound from the Financial Center area to Al Safa Street towards Al Wasl Street as well as providing a curved path leading back to Sh Zayed Rd in the direction of Deira.

Commenting on the event, Nabeel Mohammed Salih, Director of Roads Department, RTA Traffic & Roads Agency, said: “By opening this phase, RTA has completed almost 85% of construction works in the main bridges and roads of the 1st Interchange at Sheikh Zayed Project; which is one of the key and most sophisticated projects currently undertaken by the RTA. Last May RTA opened bridges crossing Sheikh Zayed Road providing free traffic flow from Al Safa Street to the Financial Center Street and vice versa, and smooth traffic flow from Al Safa Street towards Dubai through these bridges. All works in the project will be completed and fully opened for traffic by the end of December 2010”.

“The 1st Interchange on Sheikh Zayed Road is one of the biggest interchanges in the Emirate, and the total length of bridges currently underway measures 3 km. Tunnels in the project extend 850 meters and the overall cost of the project, which is carried out by the Italian Salini Co., is around 617 million dirham,” said Nabeel.
“The significance of this project is underlined by its vital location on Sheikh Zayed Road in the vicinity of Burj Khalifa and the Financial Center. It provides these districts with a link with the main surrounding roads such as Sheikh Zayed Road, Financial Center St. and Al Safa St. This area is considered one of the busiest in Dubai with considerable importance attached being on Sheikh Zayed Road and bordering these vital and important districts for Dubai in the fields of tourism, economy and investment,” added Al Nabeel.

It is worth-mentioning that the 1st Interchange on Sheikh Zayed Road allows seamless traffic movement in both directions of Al Safa Street and Financial Center Street, and links Sheikh Zayed Road as well as the Upper & Lower Decks of the Financial Center Street. The project encompasses construction of a tunnel linking the road passing at the back of Mazaya Center with the Road passing behind the high rises overlooking Sheikh Zayed Road in addition to widening Al Safa Street, and improving the intersections thereon up to Al Wasl Road.

- Nabeel Mohammed Salih
- layout of parts opened in the project

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