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RTA to host Dubai International Projects Management Forum in Sept 2014

RTA to host Dubai International Projects Management Forum in Sept 2014

The event is held in cooperation with DEWA, Emaar

Dubai - The Roads and Transport Authority:

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announces the hosting of the Dubai International Projects Management Forum in cooperation with the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) and Emaar Properties in September 2014. The event is set to feature a wide participation of an array of international experts of the industry; which is shaping up as a cornerstone of development strategies and modern management science as it has a considerable impact in terms of identifying the frameworks and parameters essential for the success of development efforts in various fields.

H.E. Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of the RTA, said: “This initiative stems out of the keenness of Dubai to play a pivotal role in leading the development drive across the region, and establishing the essential ingredients for leveraging the industry based on sound scientific bases aligned with the highest standards and practices. This objective can best be served through attracting an elite bunch of top-class senior experts with wide international repute to international gatherings that can be capitalized on to act as effective platforms for knowledge transfer. It is also a testament to Dubai’s commitment to act as a communication channel contributing to the transfer of expertise & sharing of visions between gurus of various industries across the globe based on its billing as an Arab city with a global orientation.

“The Forum aims to cast light on Dubai as a leading city in Projects Management industry as its success in this field is epitomized in adopting top-notch international standards to a series of mega projects that have commanded the global attention such as Burj Khalifa, Dubai Metro, airport projects and giant ports with massive operational efficiency,” explained Al Tayer.
Detailing the contents of the Forum, Al Tayer said: “The Forum will focus on the vital role of projects management in managing and streamlining the business process in public and private entities. The projects management concepts are being applied as a modern style of managing organizations to realize their visions and objectives at the strategic or operational levels through a multi-level matrix of projects management starting from the mechanisms of managing project portfolios for selecting the most suitable projects for realizing the strategic objectives. It also covers managing the program to ensure full coordination between various projects towards realizing the common objectives set for those projects, and applying projects management methods conforming to the approved plan, time and budget limits set.

“Public and private organizations apply projects management in various business fields, particularly when it comes to translating their long-term strategic plans into projects undertaken on the ground to achieve the strategic and operational objectives. The Forum will not only focus on projects management in engineering and technological capacities, but will also shed light on other non-traditional sectors such as sport, media, film-making among others.

“The Forum will touch on a number of key aspects including maximizing the benefit from government investment in infrastructure projects, the link between corporate development projects and corporate strategic plans, highlighting the role of projects management offices in government entities, planning and following-up government projects & electronic systems applied in this field, and the importance of partnering with the private sector in undertaking mega projects,” elaborated Al Tayer.
Concluding his remarks, RTA Chairman of the Board and Executive Director said: “The Forum will target a global audience comprising of public entities and organizations, semi-government companies engaged in development projects, projects management companies, consultants and contractors as well as university professors & students and research institutes. Events of the Forum will feature main lectures, seminars and the delivery of work papers.”

Mohammed Al Abbar, Chairman of Emaar Properties, said: “Dubai has become a focal point for the entire world, thanks to its cutting-edge achievements in developing unprecedented landmark projects based on top quality and excellence standards of project management. Emaar has a wealth of experience in this field which is epitomized in developing mega global projects such as Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall.

“In this regard, it gives us honour to team up with the RTA and DEWA in hosting the Dubai International Projects management Forum and we are fully confident that this key event will have a vital contribution to showcasing the solid standing of Dubai as a leading international hub for projects management,” continued Al Abbar.

Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, Managing Director and CEO of DEWA, said: “The staging of this Forum and our effective engagement in the event is part of our endeavours to materialize the aspirations of our prudent leadership in fostering international events capable of boosting the profile and image of Dubai Emirate in the world stage, and showcasing the achievements made in projects management field. It also echoes the achievements made by Dubai on the ground in planning and constructing massive infrastructure projects as well as service & real estate projects. DEWA has therefore been keen on holding this event through lending all support needed by the RTA in preparing and organizing the event to ensure realization of its objectives and turning it into an extravaganza befitting the Dubai Emirate.

“The importance of this Forum stems from the very nature of topics reviewing the best global practices of projects management and opening windows of discussions, research and development with a view to coming up with the best solutions matching to the challenges confronting the implementation of various projects. The gathering will feature the participation of prominent global experts hailing from America, Asia, and Australia, and the presence of more than 30 experts who will discuss their practices, experiences and models.

“DEWA will have an active role in enriching the Forum with a host of experts and successful models in this field in the form of speakers, and presenting projects such as the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park at Al Qouz as models to be emulated.
“In the context of the strategic partnership of DEWA with the RTA, the participation of DEWA will be practical and effective through providing successful models and experiences for all events of the Forum, be it seminars, workshops or an accompanying showcase.

“Furthermore, a bunch of DEWA experts will present work papers about projects management and the best projects management practices adopted by DEWA; which have commanded a global recognition in several international events,” said the Managing Director and CEO of DEWA in a concluding remark.

- Mattar Al Tayer
- Saeed Al Tayer
- Mohammed Al Abbar
- Logo of the Dubai International Projects management Forum

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