Sunday, February 9, 2014

‘Wood Sustainability’ in construction sector will be key topic at ‘Dubai WoodShow 2014’ which kicks off on April 8

‘Wood Sustainability’ in construction sector will be key topic at ‘Dubai WoodShow 2014’ which kicks off on April 8

Farghal: “Using sustainable wood material in real-estate sector conserves tree wealth”

Dubai, UAE, 9 February 2014: Walid Farghal, Director General of Strategic Marketing & Exhibitions, organizers of The Dubai WoodShow, has revealed that wood sustainability in construction works would be one of the major topics of discussion at the exhibition that will be held from 8 – 10 April at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Farghal says using sustainable wood material in the GCC construction industry would help conserve natural resources and boost the global wealth of trees. He added sustainable wood is a topic that is dominating the regional construction sector in line with governments’ vision of environment sustainability.

Farghal said that construction and real-estate sectors had started implementing stringent eco-friendly standards, having a domino effect on other related sectors working toward a green approach.

The theme of the next edition of the Dubai Woodshow has right been announced as “Wood Sustainability in Construction”.

“The exhibition highlights international standards in manufacturing carpentry and furniture companies which are highly dependent on hardwoods, aiming to transform the experience to the local importers, especially those working with the real-estate developers. Moreover, the exhibition will provide insights into the environmental performance of wood products and the right methods of choosing suitable wood products,” added Farghal

He said: “The positive regional approach towards sustainability in the construction sector is a sign for the entire world that GCC countries are committed to preserving natural resources, of which the wood sector is a significant part.”

A series of seminars tackling the same issue will be held on the sidelines of the exhibition, most of them tailored for the regional market and the UAE in particular. Entities like Emirates Authority for Standardization & Metrology (ESMA) and Dubai Central Laboratory will discuss the local UAE standards in this field, while Dubai Municipality will organise two seminars on ‘Wood Sustainability’ and ‘Innovation in Sustainability’. Many other international firms will also shed light on various relevant topics.

The importance of wood sustainability is underlined by the fact that wood products require much less energy to be produced than concrete or steel, for example.

An objective comparison of the energy needed to obtain, manufacture, transport and install building materials for identical wood frame, steel frame and concrete houses demonstrates wood's environmental superiority over alternative materials, leading to less usage of fossil fuels and reduced air and water pollution.

Farghal said: “Although wood products make up a big chunk of all raw materials, its share of energy consumption during manufacturing is very minimal compared to other raw materials.  Results show that the manufacture of wood materials uses 53% less energy than steel and 120% less energy than concrete.”

Wood is the world's only renewable building material. It satisfies the four basic principles of Green Buildings to minimise the environmental impact of construction by minimizing use of energy resources and reducing pollution.

“The Dubai Woodshow, the biggest specialised trade show in the Middle East, serves as an annual meeting point for producers, manufacturers, importers, exporters, dealers, suppliers and end-users and other players in the wood industry. The products showcased in the exhibition include wood products, woodworking machinery, blades, knives, tools, abrasives and other related products,” Farghal concluded.

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