Friday, January 30, 2009

Dubai Mall:Life Fitness, world’s leading fitness equipment provider, reaffirms its commitment to regional markets

Life Fitness, world’s leading fitness equipment provider, reaffirms its commitment to regional markets

Opening of a new outlet in Dubai Mall reflects the company’s longterm investment strategy

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 30 January, 2009:

Life Fitness, the largest fitness equipment provider in the world with a local presence going back to 15 years, looks at the Middle East as one of the most promising markets for its products.

The company’s commitment is reflected in the decision to open a signature outlet in Dubai Mall, the world’s largest shopping complex. The state of the art outlet will showcase the full line of Life Fitness branded equipments.

“The UAE is one of the richest countries in the world and we are confident that growth will be sustained. This makes it strategic for global brands consolidate their position in this market even in times of financial crises. We plan to carry with our growth plans for the market,” commented Frank van de Ven, Vice President EMEA, Life Fitness.

Life Fitness has been in the UAE for the past 15 years and is one of the most successful international brands in the market.

"We are proud to open up a new outlet in the world's most extravagant retail real-estate development. We are constantly enhancing our presence in the Gulf Market by opening new outlets in key markets like Dubai," said De Ven. "We believe this market's consumers have high purchasing power and the awareness to stay in shape through sports activities."

De Ven said: "The Life Fitness showroom in Dubai Mall is the first outlet of its kind in the world selling exclusively Life Fitness equipment. The range offers various cardiovascular equipment (treadmills, bikes, cross trainers) as well as Strength training equipment (home gyms, dumbbells, bars). There is also a selection of accessories as gym balls, medicine balls, benches to complete the range."

The new outlet incorporates a sportive and fresh consumer-friendly store design, easy machine access bringing a unique customer experience.

The store provides product delivery and installation by professionally trained crew.
In addition, the store will be manned by trained product consultants, who will guide customers in their decision making.

The Dubai Mall has a total area of 12.1 million sq ft, with an internal floor area of 5.9 million sq ft and a gross leasable space of 3.77 million sq ft.

“In terms of trends, UAE is at the forefront of new developments in the world. The consumers in UAE are exposed to the best the world. We use UAE as a gateway to expand our footprint in the entire Middle East region,” said Herman Bakker, Director – Distributor and Consumer Business, Life Fitness.

Bakker added: "Life Fitness in Dubai Mall will be the world’s very first branded Life Fitness showroom selling exclusively LF equipment".

Bakker said Dubai Mall’s standing as one of the largest malls in the world offers Life Fitness a unique branding opportunity and a platform to showcase its advanced lifestyle products.

Bakker added: "Despite the global crunch, demand is constantly growing due to increased awareness and growing health concerns in UAE where 25% of adults suffer from diabetes (highest rate in the world). As diabetes is directly related to lifestyle our products can contribute in a major way in helping prevent and combat major illnesses".

Deltatrade, the UAE franchisee of Life Fitness, has two divisions targeting both commercial and retail customers respectively. The commercial division focuses on top-end health clubs, top class hotels and spas and the brand is widely spread throughout Middle East, while the retail divisions targets men and women, 30+, mid-high class, who value top quality, personalized service and features to make home training more fun.

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