Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dubai Maritime City signs MoU with Arab Sea Ports Federation

Dubai Maritime City signs MoU with Arab Sea Ports Federation

To explore joint business opportunities and strengthen alliance with leading regional maritime organisations

January 31, 2009
Dubai Maritime City, the world’s first purpose-built maritime centre and a member of the Dubai World Group of companies, has announced that it has recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Arab Sea Ports Federation to explore joint business opportunities and open new avenues for cooperation and mutual growth. The partnership is part of Dubai Maritime City's program to engage in long-term business relationships with leading regional and international maritime institutions and reinforce its competitiveness in international markets.

Dubai Maritime City's partnership with the Egypt-based Arab Sea Ports Federation effectively extends its network and partnerships within the Arab World, while strengthening its presence in key maritime locations across the region. The MoU was recently signed by Amer Ali, CEO of Dubai Maritime City, and Rear Admiral Essam Eddin Badawy, Secretary General of the Arab Sea Ports Federation, during a ceremony held in Dubai, as part of a visit by Federation Members to Dubai Maritime City. Also present were Ali Al Daboos, COO of Dubai Maritime City; officials from both organisations, including members of the Federation that represent various Arab ports and transport associations from Syria, Oman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Palestine and the United Arab Emirates; and representatives from the Council of Arab Economic Unity and the UAE’s National Transport Authority

“This partnership is an important strategic move as we position Dubai Maritime City to be the premier maritime destination in the region. In addition, it is also our aim to build on our common goals to enhance and strengthen the economic prospects of the region's maritime environment. We believe that cooperation and constant communication are important components for us to move forward – a consolidated approach that will help us maximise the region's maritime potential. This partnership with the Arab Sea Ports Federation is a key step towards achieving a harmonious development in the regional maritime industry," said Ali on behalf of Dubai Maritime City.

On his part, Rear Admiral Badawy, spoke on behalf of the Arab Sea Ports Federation and said: "Dubai Maritime City is essentially the future of the region's maritime industry and represents the collective strength of the Arab World in the global maritime landscape. As such, this partnership delivers a substantial boost to our strategic initiatives and enhances our ability to capitalise on the new business prospects that Dubai Maritime City has opened."

Both parties have agreed to exchange ideas with regards to maritime policies and strategies, as well as information that will unlock new business prospects. Moreover, Dubai Maritime City and the Arab Sea Ports Federation likewise aim to achieve better coordination, integration and association in various maritime activities, including strengthening strategic relationships with maritime organisations.

Established in 1976 and headquartered in Alexandria, Egypt, the Arab Sea Ports Federation aims at reinforcing the development of Arab maritime ports. It objectives include developing, improving and coordinating members' work fields, strengthening the relationships between them and participating in achieving economic integration among the Arab States, through practicing its mission, specialties and expertise in Arab maritime. It also acts as a general framework through which coordination is attained between existing Arab regional port unions or those to be established in the future. The Federation’s members include the ports of 20 Arab nations in addition to marine transport corporations and those with port-related activities.

On completion, Dubai Maritime City will offer state-of-the-art facilities and amenities that will cater to all players of the global maritime industry. The groundbreaking project comprises six distinct components, which are the Industrial Precinct, Harbour Offices, Harbour Residences, Maritime Centre, Dubai Maritime City Campus and the Marina District.

About Dubai Maritime City:

Dubai Maritime City is a 227 hectare fully-equipped, iconic and multidimensional maritime centre providing a world-class infrastructure and environment for the global maritime industry and related sectors. Dubai Maritime City is driven by the needs of both local and international marine and maritime communities for a dedicated hub.

Dubai Maritime City capitalizes on the strengths of Dubai as a regional and international hub for trade and commerce, redefining the global maritime industry. It will provide a strategic location for the maritime industry sectors across the full spectrum of maritime business - maritime management, maritime services, maritime retail and recreation, maritime education and research, ship repair and maintenance, yacht repair and maintenance.

When completed, Dubai Maritime City will be a vibrant mixed use development for the maritime industry, comprising industrial, commercial, residential and leisure facilities housed on a man-made peninsula between Port Rashid and Dubai Dry Docks. As a peninsula development, Dubai Maritime City harnesses the benefits of open sea access for the industrial community, yet creates a mesmerizing living and working environment with breathtaking sea views in a vibrant commercial hub. By offering world-class infrastructure, services and regulations, Dubai Maritime City will create a unique specialized environment that promotes the networking and integration of leading maritime companies in one destination.

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