Monday, January 19, 2009

Global and regional real estate companies gear up for start of ‘International Property Show - Dubai 2009’

Global and regional real estate companies gear up for start of ‘International Property Show - Dubai 2009’

Event set to trigger major developments that will positively impact regional real estate market

January 18, 2009

Strategic Marketing and Exhibitions, the organisers of the upcoming ‘International Property Show - Dubai 2009’, has announced that leading global and regional real estate companies have confirmed their extensive participation at the event, which is slated to run from February 15 - 17, 2009 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre. In addition, the event is expected to trigger major developments that will positively impact the region’s real estate sector, thereby underlining the exhibition’s credibility as the definitive event for highly profitable real estate investments in the region.

In a bid to encourage end-users and investors to invest in properties amidst the simultaneous completion of top-quality projects, the ‘International Property Show - Dubai 2009’ will feature prime real estate projects from the UAE and across the globe with local as well as international developers and real estate companies from UK, Thailand, Spain, Malaysia, South Africa, USA, Bulgaria, Pakistan, Cyprus, Egypt, Kuwait, UAE, Korea, Qatar and Turkey. The extensive participation of the real estate industry’s frontrunners is expected to attract high net-worth individuals, commercial and residential investors and visitors from the global property industry who will also largely benefit from the outstanding networking opportunities that the event will present.

“We are very pleased to bring to the international real estate industry, the 2009 edition of the ‘International Property Show - Dubai’. In many ways this year’s show is going to be significantly more dynamic, definitive and exciting, given the current market scenario.
Even in terms of opportunities, this edition could be unprecedented, as developers can target potential investors and visitors in a more focused manner, taking into consideration the recent market developments. From an investor’s perspective, they can choose from a wide range of properties depending on their requirements and take advantage of comparatively reduced prices,” said Dawood Al Shezawi, Managing Director, Strategic Marketing and Exhibitions. “The confirmed presence of globally-renowned real estate developers who were also present during last year’s event, underlines the significance of this event as the definitive networking and transactional event in the region.”

Amidst the current global credit crunch, the UAE still appears to be globally and regionally ahead in terms of getting credit, which has contributed to its position as an ideal destination for real estate investments. The UAE Government has also ensured that laws pertaining to the registration and transfer of property are both convenient and secure for investors. Furthermore, the establishment of RERA in Dubai has further boosted the emirate’s attractiveness to global and regional customers, by ensuring that all regulations imposed by the government are adhered to and the legal rights of all parties involved are protected.

“The current market scenario has spawned a unique opportunity for developers to underline the level of security they can provide for their clients’ investments, as customers become increasingly cautious in spending their hard-earned cash on real estate projects. Major players in the property sector need to realise that this is just a passing phase; the regional real estate sector will bounce back strongly soon. By staging the ‘International Property Show - Dubai 2009’, we are actively pursuing our initiative to support developers who are seeking to build the trust of international and regional investors. We are confident that this event will mark up strong participation from foreign investors looking for secure opportunities in the real estate sector,” concluded Al Shezawi.

Some of the UAE-based developers who have confirmed their presence at the event include Sorouh Real Estate, Falconcity of Wonders LLC, Fakhruddin Properties, RAK Properties, Tameer Holding Investment, Bonyan International Investment Group, Azizi Investments, Plus Properties, Ayman Investments, Cobalt Real Estate, B&M House of Riviera, Corner Stone, My Dream Real Estate, Smart Home Properties, Savannah Properties, Khoie Properties, Source Properties, Mina Al Fajer Real Estate LLC, Time Properties, Asia Star Properties International, Geo Property Brokers, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, The One Real Estate, Sherwoods Independent Property Consultant, Lootah Network Real Estate, and Amlak Finance PJSC.

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