Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dubai Municipality preserves Dubai beaches through effective regulations

380 NOCs issued last year for works along the coastal zone

DM preserves Dubai beaches through effective regulations

Dubai, 17 January 2009: Dubai Municipality's Environment Department is currently undertaking several programmes to preserve the coastal environment and ensure their sustainable development.

According to Eng. Alya Al Harmoudi, Head of Coastal Zone and Waterways Management Section at the Environment Department, the coastal zone is regarded as the most lively areas of the emirate and its management requires a comprehensive methodology taking into account all environment and engineering requirements and criterion that will ensure integration among all projects in a scientific manner while preserving the delicate marine environment.

She pointed out that the Coastal Zone and Waterways Management Section had issued last year some 380 no objection certificates for works within the coastal zone, in such categories as 217 for excavation, 27 for construction, 25 for temporary minor works, 107 for discharge of ground water and four certificates for dredging. This is in addition to studies and evaluation of several coastal development projects and water ways proposed to be developed and linked to the sea.

With regard to the coastal monitoring, Al Harmoudi said the section is currently undertaking regular inspection of the projects and engineering works within the coastal zone to ensure their adherence with the concerned legislation. Last year, some 213 warnings were issued against violators of the pertaining rules and regulations in this regard..

In the meantime, she noted that the section had undertaken during last year several works such as maintenance and nourishment of beaches of the emirate, with the objective of improving the coastal environment as part of the emirate's strategy with regard to environment conservation. As much as 500,000 cubic meters of clean sand were used in the beach nourishment programme.

"Beaches are subject to significant amount of erosion due to seasonal Shamal winds that deprive them of vital resources needed, especially in view of the re-formation of the coastal line. As the time passes by, this will result in loss of beach sands and emergence of rocks and stones thereby causing to lose the amenity on the beaches. This matter requires maintenance and nourishment of the beaches in a professional manner that would provide maximum stability and continuity," she said.

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