Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dubai:RTA Inaugurates 4 New Bus Routes

RTA Inaugurates 4 New Bus Routes

Dubai (United Arab Emirates): Public Transport Agency at Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) announced the inauguration of four new public bus routes last Thursday, covering several areas in the emirate of Dubai. The step has been taken following site surveys covering several areas in the emirate of Dubai conducted by the Agency to identify the requirements for public buses and meet the increasing demand for this service triggered by the rising population growth in the emirate.
“RTA Public Transport Agency is keen on expanding and upgrading the quality of its services to cope with the urban expansion and demographic growth witnessed by the UAE; particularly the emirate of Dubai which has a growing significance as a regional business hub and a point of attraction to investors and businessmen from all over the world” said Abdullah Yousef Al Ali, Director of Buses Dep’t at RTA Public Transport Agency.
Al Ali elaborated on the new bus routes saying: “The newly inaugurated routes include: (F43): starting from Ibn Battuta Mall (Chinese Court Entrance) and extending up to Discovery Gardens, with 30 minutes headway, (F46): starting from Ibn Battuta Mall (Chinese Court Entrance) and extending up to Dubai Lakes, with a one hour headway, (F53): starting from Ibn Battuta Mall (Chinese Court Entrance) and extending up to Dubai Industrial City, with 30 minutes headway, and (X92): starting from Ghubaiba to Dubai Investment Park, with 30 minutes headway. Several buses have been deployed on these routes such that there would be 6 buses in each of (F43), (F46) and (F53) routes; and 7 buses in (X92).
“This step is envisaged in RTA Strategic Plan which calls for improving mass transit modes in Dubai and attracting additional commuters as a means to alleviate road traffic congestion. It reflects the effort of the RTA to expand this vital service and increase the percentage of trips made by mass transit modes up to 30% by 2020. This merits provision of transport alternatives which have to be of high quality, affordable, wide geographical coverage and competitive to private vehicles. It also warrants orienting the prevailing social outlook and culture of mass transit modes, and achieving multi-modal integration of bus service, metro service and marine transport service.
“We anticipate that this step will bring about a qualitative addition to the services offered to the growing number of passengers in the said areas to keep abreast of the huge and accelerated development witnessed by all sectors in the emirate of Dubai. It will also contribute to a smooth traffic flow and encourage a wide spectrum of the community to take-up this service and minimize the use of private vehicles in shuttling between those areas. No doubt it is bound to ease traffic congestion particularly in the morning and evening peak hours” concluded Al Ali.
It is note-worthy that Public Transport Agency had launched 8 routes in 2008; namely 330, C3, C10, C14, C15, C18, X23, AND X28.

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