Friday, June 19, 2009

RTA: BEIRUT–Al Nahdah I/C Opened

RTA: BEIRUT–Al Nahdah I/C Opened


Dubai – United Arab Emirates: Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) opened the signalized interchange of Beirut – Al Nahdah Roads; a major part of Beirut – Al Nahdah Interchange Project which aims to raise the intake of the I/C to more than 20,000 vehicles per hour in all directions of the traffic movement on Beirut & Al Nahdah roads.

Opening of the I/C is part of a master project the construction of which started in February 2007 to develop the northern part of the Airport Tunnel extending from Al Quds – Beirut Interchange up to Al Nahdah – Beirut Interchange as a vital arterial road. This I/C has been transformed from a signalized junction to a separate-level I/C through construction of a flyover across Al Nahdah Road and an underpass for Beirut Road to ease the traffic on these two roads, and ensure smooth traffic flow on Beirut Road from and to the Airport Tunnel.

“Opening of this part of Al Nahdah – Beirut Road I/C will serve several key traffic corridors on this vital interchange on both directions, and accordingly contribute to a smooth traffic flow on the I/C, and improve the traffic flow on Al Nahdah & Beirut roads” said Nabeel Mohammed Saleh, Director of Roads Dep’t at RTA Traffic & Roads Agency. He added: “Last February the underpass on Beirut Road was opened in both directions, where the intersection of Beirut & Al Nahdah Roads was transformed from a signalized junction into a separate level I/C including construction of a flyover across Al Nahdah Road which was opened in July 2008.

“The project helps ease traffic congestion on both Beirut and Al Nahdah roads. RTA Traffic & Roads Agency will proceed with the implementation of a series of vital projects to improve Dubai roads network within the context of RTA strategy and continuous efforts to alleviate traffic jams resulting from the rapid urban & demographic expansion and the huge investment projects in the emirate, as part of its vision of providing Safe and Smooth Transport for All” added Nabeel.

- Nabeel Saleh
- Project Chart

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