Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Japanese firm Nikken Sekkei to showcase sustainable strategy with latest regional & international projects at Dubai real estate showcase

World’s top architect backs Cityscape

Japanese firm Nikken Sekkei to showcase sustainable strategy with latest regional & international projects at Dubai real estate showcase

The world’s top architectural practice and global leader in sustainable design, Nikken Sekkei, will be presenting a series of selected ‘green’ designs from its extensive regional and international portfolio at Cityscape Dubai, which takes place next week at the Dubai World Trade Centre on 5 - 8 October 2009.

“The general public is more environmentally aware than ever before and carbon emissions are a contentious issue. Developers are now insisting on structural designs that comply with LEED standards and the use of environmentally friendly materials and coatings,” commented, Mr. Mitsuo Nakamura, Chairman of Nikken Sekkei.

“Building owners are now also more commercially aware of the benefits of embracing sustainable design, in relation to maintenance and management costs over the lifetime of the building. So once again, Cityscape Dubai will provide us with an appropriate platform to demonstrate our sustainable design excellence capable of delivering substantial energy savings,” added Nakamura.

In particular, Nikken Sekkei, which in previous years unveiled ‘ECO Towers’ and ‘Cool City’ two projects using market-tested and advanced solutions in energy saving, will be highlighting more unique and innovative ideas of what sustainable architecture will look like in 2020.

The technically advanced projects to be showcased this year include Mode-Gakuen Spiral Towers, Pola Museum of Art, Tokyo Midtow, Toho Gakuen School of Music Annex, Shibuya New Cultural District Development Project, Dongdaemun Development Project, Guangzhou New Library, Citic Plaza as well as local projects such as Burj Al Alam and Jumeira Gardens Techonopreneur City.

“By utilising the latest technology that is not only accessible but cost-effective, we are creating practical but innovative designs aimed at maintaining optimum performance levels in energy consumption and water conservation,” said Dr Fadi Jabri, General Manager of Nikken Sekkei’s office in the UAE.

“These designs can dramatically reduce carbon emissions, up to 60% in some cases and it is only through constantly pushing the barriers of design excellence that we have sustained our market-leading position, in a diverse range of sectors from industrial, commercial and public to healthcare, educational, sports and transportation,” he added.

Recognised as the world’s largest architectural and engineering practice, with in excess of 2,300 professional staff and annual fee income over US$400 million, Nikken Sekkei was the first Japanese architect to exhibit in the Middle East, when it debuted at Cityscape Dubai in 2006.

Since the economic downturn, thanks to meticulous planning and an efficient operation typical of major Japanese corporations, Nikken Sekkei’s headcount is virtually unchanged year-on-year, a major achievement in itself.

“In some ways Nikken Sekkei could be described as sustainable by design, directed by sustainable strategy and driven by sustainable business,” added Dr. Jabri.
Photo captions:

1. Mitsuo Nakamura, Chairman of Nikken Sekkei.
2. Burj Al Alam

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