Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Real estate sector defines investment objectives at Cityscape Abu Dhabi 2010 Conference

Real estate sector defines investment objectives at Cityscape Abu Dhabi 2010 Conference

TASWEEK Real Estate Marketing & Development discusses strategies and solutions of UAE real estate market

April 21, 2010

Abu Dhabi’s real estate investment objectives and other vital business issues were discussed by prominent industry figures during the Cityscape Abu Dhabi Real Estate Investment and Development Conference that concluded today (Wednesday, April 21, 2010) at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.

TASWEEK Real Estate Marketing and Development CEO Masood Al Awar participation in the panel discussion to compare and contrast the property strategies of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, explain how competing locations can work cooperatively, and identify industry segments that are currently attracting the most attention from investors during a panel discussion titled “Abu Dhabi and Dubai: Economic Powerhouses in Comparison”. Al Awar also joined roundtables on Abu Dhabi investments, the residential market, distressed investments, MENA versus global markets, and foreign direct investments throughout the conference.

“It’s important for the real estate industry to get together and set clearer investment objectives maintaining balance short, medium and long term returns in various project investments as we see more signs of a possible shift to global economic recovery. The regional markets have changed dramatically over the past two years and so we need to adopt new strategies available that fit existing business realities and customer demands. These will help us come up with a more efficient approach to real estate development, investment, and marketing,” said Al Awar.

The Abu Dhabi Government’s strong support for real estate and its prioritization of the sector in its Vision 2030 growth agenda have boosted investor confidence in the local property market. Al Awar advises investors to closely review their investment objectives and encourages industry players to balance their internal and external investments offerings to maximize opportunities in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and across the Gulf and MENA region.

Cityscape Abu Dhabi, the largest gathering of real estate professionals in the Middle East, focuses on growth opportunities in the Gulf’s thriving property markets. Over 300 domestic and international real estate firms showcased their products and services during this year’s edition. Aside from an industry Exhibition and Conference, Cityscape Abu Dhabi also featured an Investors and Developers Networking Reception, Investor Roundtables, and Cityscape Awards for Real Estate in the Middle East and North Africa.
TASWEEK Real Estate Development and Marketing has emerged as one of Abu Dhabi’s top one-stop shops for real estate and related services and marketing. TASWEEK’s offerings cover Purchase and Sale of Strategic Assets; Asset Management; Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances; and Marketing Consultancy. The company tailors its products and services to fit the unique needs of customers and complement current market conditions. TASWEEK adheres to its core competencies of networking and professionalism.

About Tasweek:

Tasweek, a provider of comprehensive real estate development solutions for the UAE and the broader Middle East, leverages over 20 years of extensive experience in valuations, design, and real estate marketing across the UAE, GCC and MENA regions. The private joint stock company draws on its involvement in managing the properties of over 25,000 customers to ensure enhanced client satisfaction in the delivery of a diverse range of services, throughout all stages of the real estate development's lifecycle.

Through its two core competencies of knowledge and networking, Tasweek is highly capable of introducing clients to the right people, creating vital links between industry movers and players, and developing ideas to successfully bring properties to market.

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