Friday, May 15, 2009

RTA to Apply ‘Green Buildings’ to All Projects

RTA to Apply ‘Green Buildings’ to All Projects

Dubai (United Arab Emirates): Facilities & Installations Dep’t at Corporate Support Services Sector of Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) continued with the drive to implement a methodology of applying the principle of Green Buildings on all buildings and installations of the RTA.

In this regard Facilities & Installations Dep’t held several internal & external meetings to benefit from the expertise of companies specialized in rationing power consumption, and adopting Green Buildings in RTA projects, according to Baha Uddin Al Qudrah, Director of Facilities & Installations Dep’t. “Following the endorsement of its Operational Plan, which focuses on conservation & optimal utilization of resources besides adopting Green Buildings systems, the Dep’t will save no efforts to bring in the best global expertise & initiatives in reducing power consumption” he said.

“Work teams of the Dep’t held numerous meetings with the executives & engineers of leading companies in the field of reducing power consumption. These included meetings with local branches of global companies that adopt a system of controlling illumination by means of infra-red sensors to identify the products capable of conserving energy; particularly redundant lighting in unoccupied rooms.

“Besides the meetings held at the premises of the Dep’t with delegates of various companies, the Dep’t paid visits to a host of companies specialized in facilities & toilets fittings to review the latest technology trends and explore the possibility of applying them. Every meeting held with a specialized company adds more to the accumulated knowledge of the Dep’t; which translates such skills & know-how into performance across RTA facilities & installations every where. It also assists the concerned bodies to select the most appropriate technologies & initiatives to be used in realizing the objective of adopting Green Buildings in the RTA” he added.

Al Qudrah concluded that this series of meetings also helped the work team review the latest technologies used in the sanitary & lavatory facility projects in the private sector, reduction of water consumption in Green Buildings, and how to benefit from such technology in RTA installations and facilities.

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