Tuesday, March 17, 2009

DM approves Bawadi project Master plan for land uses

DM approves Bawadi project Master plan for land uses

Dubai Municipality has approved the master plan for land uses under the Bawadi project launched by Bawadi company, a member of Tatweer Dubai, and to facilitate all the planning and coordination of the project as this plan represents a part of the work of the overall master plan of the project, and serves as the basis for all services and facilities required in any development projects.

Eng. Dawood Al Hajiri, Director of Planning Department in the Municipality said the move would pave the process of preparation of plans for land use, the study of density of buildings, the Gross Floor Area (GFA), procedures related to service facilities by the developers all over the Bawadi, and the hospitality and shopping project extended over a distance of 10kms.

"It will also lead to the discussions on the technical requirements and supervision on the conduct of the project and in ensuring the effectiveness of performance in line with the highest international standards and providing a unique lifestyle unprecedented within all facilities," he said.

The leading hospitality project, which is being developed with an investment to the tune of Dhs200 billion, had obtained the approval of Dubai Municipality with regard to areas of major construction within the master plan. The new approval will enhance the conduct of the outstanding hospitality project, which was designed to attract the elite of the most prominent global brands. All measures have been taken to enable developers and partners in the joint venture to begin preliminary work on their sites.

The land use plan aims to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of economic development, including secure and easy traffic flow, promotion of safety measures, attention to the provision of sufficient quantities of light and air, focus on urban design, support and means of energy conservation, and the establishment of service facilities.

According to the master plan of the Bawadi project, the 10Kms long hospitality project will be divided into five geographic regions, reflecting the unique characteristics of the link between the buildings and the road network and cross-cuttings. Among the other distinctive elements of the project is a high-level transport system, which includes areas dedicated to pedestrians and outstanding transportation carriages, which would be integrated with the rest of the presentations offered by this high-luxury destination.

This has been the completion of the master plan proposed in the wake of an evaluation and careful planning of the methods and design patterns, and the extent of adaptation of the project with the surrounding environment and open areas by a group of prominent designers and architects in the world. The master plan is expected to contribute precisely the infrastructure facilities and transportation network to establish Bawadi as an unparalleled destination in the world.

The Bawadi project will include 51 hotels with a capacity of more than 60,000 rooms, 1,500 restaurants, the largest retail shopping area in the world covering 40 million square feet of space for lease, in addition to Hotel Asia, which will include 6,500 rooms. The project will also include a series of retail outlets, conference centres, and a variety of facilities and services.

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