Wednesday, March 18, 2009

RTA Rejuvenates Salik Portal, Toll Gate Maps Added

RTA Rejuvenates Salik Portal, Toll Gate Maps Added


Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) unveiled an enhanced version of the Toll Gate Portal ( ) in a stylish design offering e-services in a smooth manner with easily accessible information and a roadmap of toll gates. Engineer Maitha bin Adai, CEO of RTA Traffic & Roads Agency, said that the purpose of upgrading the design of the website was to provide users & subscribers of the system with access to the service in a record time and a highly convenient style. Referring to the added features of the rejuvenated website she said: “It has a bilingual Front Page (Arabic & English) and a box to display the latest and key information, events and news of the system in the form of Links, where users can toggle between them to access the required information or surf the News Archive. The Portal provides an integrated package of the latest services along with a full explanation of the new features.

“The website provides a host of modern services through several commands in the Mead Menu, including a Roadmap of the Toll Gates. This service enables surfers to know the locations of the toll gate system (Salik) in high definition colored charts with legends (explanatory symbols). Visitors can also inquire about infraction photos; a service enabling users to inquire about Salik offences, review them and even get photo print outs.
“The redesigned website enables clients to have direct registration and subscription to the system. Clients holding Salik tag can open a new account in the system and add tags of new vehicles to the account through following few and easy steps to open and activate the account. The account could also be topped up, upon signing up to the personal account, through several payment options such as credit cards, e-dirham or direct debit from the bank account in coordination with Dubai e-Government. The newly dressed website also includes an integrated package of interactive services and an information pack offered to subscribers and users.

“Redesigning the new portal was intended to render it compatible in shape and content with the corporate identity of the RTA and its website ( ), along with posting important links to visitors of both websites. This covers several important links such as RTA Website, Contact Us, Site Map, RTA Organizational Chart, and Dubai Government amongst others.
“RTA has added a new service enabling visitors to check offence details along with photos of the offending vehicle once the user signs up to his or her account at the website, along with many other related details” said Maitha in a final remark.

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