Tuesday, March 31, 2009

RTA Links Customer Service Centers Department to RTA Main Portal

RTA Links Customer Service Centers Department to RTA Main Portal

Dubai (United Arab Emirates): Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) posted an electronic link to Customer Service Centers Department at RTA main portal; a step intended to match the e-vision drive adopted by various organizations & departments at Dubai Government as well as the private sector.

“Through this link RTA is seeking to broaden the base of customers benefiting from RTA services, thus saving time and effort of the customer; who is the backbone of RTA business” said Laila bin Hareb, Director of Customer Service Centers Department at RTA Corporate Support Services Sector.

Laila added: “The link contains information related to the Main Customer Service Center, service directory, conditions & documents required for each service, time required to process the service, and procedures to be followed to process each transaction.

“The link also covers the subsidiary centers, including detailed mapping of their locations, roadmaps, types of services offered, business hours, as well as events & activities. It also provides necessary information, such as FAQs, to educate clients on the numerous services offered by the RTA. Launching this link was completed in cooperation with Marketing & Corporate Communication Dep’t and IT Dep’t at RTA Corporate Support Services Sector.

“The underlying objective of this link is to open up a new & direct communication channel with the public, serve customers as well as provide a data source for services, application procedures and requirements of each transaction. It can also save customer time & effort in interacting with RTA online, besides that it promotes RTA current and future services and highlights the strategic drive of the RTA. Moreover, the link introduces the public to the additional services and benefits rendered by the Main & Subsidiary Customer Service Centers, more importantly; it enlists all RTA branches and provides information about each of them” said Laila in a concluding remark.

For his part Abdulla Al Bastaki, Director of IT Dep’t said: “Upgrading of RTA website is an ongoing process and we are committed to this drive in compliance with the relevant standards set by the E-Government of Dubai oriented towards customer service.

Peyman Younes Parham, Director of Marketing & Corporate Communication Dep’t said: “This link comes in the context of a master plan to upgrade all RTA online services which is ultimately bound to ease the flow & accessibility of information. The process has to be implemented at the highest technological and e-quality standards to reflect the success made by the RTA in this front. We are constantly attending to upgrading RTA main portal through adding several links to RTA services & projects in association with various RTA Agencies & Departments”.

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