Friday, March 13, 2009

RTA Women Committee Stages ‘My Safety in My Bus’ Event

RTA Women Committee Stages ‘My Safety in My Bus’ Event

The event, jointly run with Takatof, attracts participation of more than 100 children

Dubai (Roads & Transport Authority): Women Committee at Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), in coordination with Takatof Voluntary Group staged ‘My Safety in My Bus’ event Sultan Al Owais Boys School in Dubai. The event is part of the Committee’s efforts to play a proactive role in serving the community through promoting the awareness level of traffic safety rules amongst school boys.

The event attracted more than 100 primary school boys. Attendants were extremely thrilled and showed unprecedented response to the diverse educational, directional, recreational and cultural windows that were specifically tailored to attract children at this age group. These included competitions, giveaways from the RTA & Takatof, simple explanation through the latest technological means, and commemorative photos with cartoon personalities (Salama).

Staging this event is part of the cooperation between RTA Women Committee and Takatof; which launched a traffic awareness campaign last year with the aim of curbing traffic accidents across the UAE.

These events demonstrate the attention of RTA Women Committee to forge links with all sectors and institutions, play an active role in the community, and develop awareness programs revolving around cultural, social and sports activities, in addition to organizing forums, courses and events in various fields.

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