Friday, March 20, 2009

RTA Starts the Trial Run of a New Generation of Light-Signal Control System

RTA Starts the Trial Run of a New Generation of Light-Signal Control System

The new eco-friendly systems provide power saving in excess of 70%

Dubai (United Arab Emirates): As part of its strategy to conserve the environment and adopt power-saving solutions, RTA undertook an initiative to introduce “Green Traffic Systems” by starting the trial run of a new model of Light-Signal Control System. This new generation of control systems, which is powered by a low-voltage current, is designed to ensure safe use and operation of Light-Emitting Diode (LED) signals; providing energy saving as much as 63%.

“The new system has been installed in one of the key signalized junctions of Marrakech Road as part of the trial run phase. It will be generalized across other junctions and light-signals, particularly noting that the new system proved highly successful during the experimental phase which started last November” said Salah Al Marzooki, Director of Intelligent Traffic Systems Dep’t at RTA Traffic & Roads Agency.

“Through using this advanced model of control systems RTA seeks to save power consumption (rationalize expenditure) and conserve the environment, as these systems are powered by a low-voltage current. The System will also enhance the public safety as there will be no threat to road users, such as motorists & pedestrians, should there be electric short circuit at the junction. Moreover, it ensures the safety of the maintenance staff carrying out preventative or corrective maintenance of the light-signals as there will be no substantial hazards associated. In fact, this new generation of control systems has lower frequency of electric cable faults and does not require intensive periodical servicing” explained Al Marzooki.

The Intelligent Traffic Systems Dep’t is installing various models of LED light-signals in an effort to upgrade the standards and boost the level of services rendered by the Dep’t to road users. These models have been brought in from a host of countries such as Germany, Turkey, Japan and South Africa. These sophisticated signals have a considerable contribution to minimizing traffic accidents, thanks to their luminous intensity. They also contribute to high proportions of power saving compared to the previously used light signals, and last longer as their lifetime ranges from 7 to 10 years.

RTA is always keen on implementing the best global practices in providing innovative power-saving solutions & systems throughout its facilities. It also attends to using alternative & eco-friendly power sources with the aim of conserving the natural & environmental resources of the UAE. RTA also seeks to disseminate and raise the public & employee awareness of the importance of power-saving, and keep them informed on the environmental concerns by means of pamphlets as well as newsletter posted in its webpage.

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