Wednesday, March 18, 2009

RTA Breaks the One-Million Registered Vehicles Barrier as Significant Traffic Growth Noted

RTA Breaks the One-Million Registered Vehicles Barrier as Significant Traffic Growth Noted

Dubai- (Roads & Transport Authority): Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) announced that the number of vehicles registered in RTA databases exceeded one million vehicles, reflecting a strong indicator of traffic growth in the emirate of Dubai.
“The latest count of the vehicle fleet registered till January 2009 clocked 1,000,816 vehicles” said Ahmed Bahrouzian, CEO of RTA Licensing Agency. He noted that light vehicles and buses account for the vast majority hitting 879,456 followed by 77,510 heavy trucks & large buses, and 43,850 mechanical equipment & motorcycles.
"While the new figures represent a 14.8% traffic growth rate in 2008, RTA has noticed that growth over the last eight weeks of the year has slowed down under the current economic climate and the global credit crunch", said Bahrouzian. He added: "RTA will continue monitoring the growth rates in various fleet components to ensure the timely provision of adequate customer service facilities".
"RTA will continue to develop the existing customer service outlets, as well as new online services to save the time and effort of vehicle owners and enable them to conveniently meet their obligations as regards to annual vehicle inspection which will protect themselves & their vehicles by ensuring roadworthiness of their vehicles and timely registration renewal" he continued.
“This is a good opportunity to remind all owners of the need to ensure timely vehicle registration renewal, which is now assisted by the RTA sending a reminder SMS to each owner two weeks prior to registration expiry” he commented. It is note-worthy that the number of owners who don’t bother to renew their vehicle registration and insurance certificates on due dates is on the rise, thus making themselves vulnerable to multiple risks and delay fines.
Bahrouzian further added "This problem is continuously on the rise such that we are prompted to develop policy changes to significantly increase the fines, and introduce vehicle confiscation options against the use of unregistered and uninsured vehicles as well as other options to use modern technology, such as speed cameras and Salik readers to detect unregistered vehicles and issue fines automatically.
The CEO of RTA Licensing Agency concluded: “Licensing Agency is striving to ensure the provision of drivers committed to safety requirements, vehicles that meet safety aspects, and services at the highest applicable standards as part of the RTA drive to provide 'Safe and Smooth Transport for All'.

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